This Week @As We Walk Along the Road: Almost Thanksgiving, "Normal" School Days, and Marine Animals

I am amazed that we are almost at Thanksgiving. Next week is Thanksgiving (and my 42nd birthday). The kids have been giving me a regular countdown ’til Christmas. We’re knee deep in planning for moving as well as our “normal” school routine. We also had a fun field trip today to a local aquarium.

This week in our home and homeschool

One of my favorite things about homeschooling is that younger siblings get in on the action when older siblings learn something fun. Charles grew mold for his recent biology module, and the younger girls had the opportunity to have a look.

I realized recently that the younger girls hadn’t ever learned to play Clue. We had to remedy that, of course, and broke out our Clue: Master Detective game.

Kathryne is enjoying her co-op marine biology class. I’m not so sure she was thrilled with this dissecting, however. The class dissected sharks this past week. Every shark turned out to be a female with babies. I arrived at the end of the class in time to take pictures and thought it was pretty neat. Their teacher lined up all the baby sharks for a picture.

Another adventure at the end of last week: Charles spent twelve hours in the hospital for observation. He complained of pain on Wednesday, and it seemed as if it could be appendix-related. When he was still in pain Thursday evening, Jason took him to the children’s ER. After a battery of tests, they admitted him for twelve hours of observation because they couldn’t rule out appendicitis. They finally concluded after observation and another round of blood work that it wasn’t his appendix and was possibly a GI bug or inflamed lymph node. He felt better on Friday but was exhausted after his hospital stay. He fell asleep on the couch, and Ashlyne added a cover and her bunny.

Here is the patient puppy picture of the week. Blondie is a dog with lots of style, and she lets the girls do pretty much anything to her.

Ashlyne lost a tooth this week. Although we’ve never really done the Tooth Fairy, we do give money for lost teeth. I was a little distracted after Charles’s hospital visit and normal end of the week busyness, and I was a little slow in getting her money. She wrote this polite note to the “Tooth Fairy” to remind me.

Today- Friday- Kathryne’s marine biology class took a field trip to an aquarium about forty-five minutes away. We had never been to this aquarium, so I took the whole family. They had some beautiful tanks.

One of the really interesting parts of the field trip was a behind the scenes tour. We were able to see the lab where the marine biologists worked on animals, tested the water, and prepared the food for the animals.

We were also able to see the largest tank from the top where they enter to work or feed the animals.

We’re looking forward to at least a partial school break this coming week for Thanksgiving. I’m hoping to play catch-up with a few things I need to do with Ashlyne and Rachel, but I’m also giving us some time off.

How was your week?

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