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I have to admit that kids’ consignment shops have always been my go to when I’m looking for clothes for the kids. We’ve been very blessed to have clothes passed down to us many times, but when we do need to buy clothes for the next season, I’ve often shopped the consignment shop instead of buying new clothes at retail prices. I was really excited to find a new business that offers kids’ clothes consignment…online.

Kids' clothing consignment online

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I came across when I checked out the potential for a sponsored ad, honestly. But I was so excited about the content that I truly wanted to share. I’ve never seen a site like, and I think it truly is an excellent resource for purchasing children’s clothes.

Here’s a look at what the site offers.

Liljellybeans consignment for kids' clothes online

When you visit the site, you’ll find categories of children’s clothing. The site is set up so that it is very easy to navigate to just what you’re looking for. You can choose the category of clothing, shoes, accessories, or toys that you’re looking for and then also choose sizes to view. Because the navigation is so specific, I didn’t spend lots of time trying to find the category I wanted. I noticed that some of the categories and sizes don’t have many offerings yet, but I know this is a very new site, and I expect more and more choices as the site grows.

When you chose an item, you can find out specifics. Because you’re purchasing a used item, you want to know all about it and have a visual of the actual item. The item listing includes the size, the brand name, the condition of the item, the color and season of the item, and the retail cost of the item. The information is very specific and complete.

Kids' clothing consignment online

Besides finding clothes to purchase at reasonable prices, you can also make money through the site by consigning your kids’ clothes. You can learn more about consigning with the site here.

I love the concept of Liljellybeans, and I’m excited to watch the site grow and become a great resource for affordable kids clothing that you can purchase from the comfort of home.

Disclosure: This post is a sponsored post, however all options are entirely my own.

Where do you find reasonably priced kids’ clothes? I’m always looking for deals!

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