Indoor Fun for a Rainy Christmas Day: A Christmas Craft Round Up

Well, we never really expect a snowy Christmas here in the South, but temperatures in my area are at least usually a little nippy on Christmas Day. This year we’re expecting, not only temperatures in the 70s, but also rain. In fact rain is in the forecast all week. This means that during Christmas get togethers, once the fun of present-opening has waned, we’ll be looking for something to keep the younger crew occupied indoors.

Christmas Craft Round Up

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Whether your Christmas will be rainy with kiddos stuck inside or you’re expecting beautiful weather, here are some fun and simple Christmas crafts you might use to keep everyone occupied.

Holiday Gumdrop Pops This craft is cute as well as yummy. It involves arranging various colored gumdrops to make a variety of Christmas shapes, so it’s easy and doesn’t require many materials. It also guarantees a yummy sweet at the end.

Construction Paper Wreaths- These wreaths made just from green and red construction paper are very easy. Even the little ones can participate. And they look really cute!

Candy Cane Holders- Make cute mice and fun reindeer to go with large candy canes. We’ve made the reindeer ones as cute gift toppers.

3D Snowman and Tree- Print patterns to make a 3 dimensional snowman or Christmas tree.

Fold and Cut Gingerbread Man Chains Use a brown paper bag and a printed pattern to trace and cut out a whole row of gingerbread people to decorate.

Noodle Christmas Wreath- Make a wreath out of bow tie pasta died green. It’s really simple, but it makes a very cute craft.

Paper Plate Reindeer Craft- This is a cute craft that uses kids’ handprints for the reindeer antlers.

Paper Plate Santa Clause- This is another paper plate craft that’s really simple. It does require a little painting, but it’s easy enough for the little ones with supervision.

Yarn Wrapped Ornaments- Using various colors of yarn, kids wrap star shaped yardstick ornaments. They look simple and cute. If you’re making them before Christmas, they would make a cute gift.

Potato Stamping Craft: Christmas Ornament Bulbs- I love paint stamping crafts with kids. A potato makes a great stamper because it is firm and easy for little hands to grasp. Follow the instructions here to use a potato to stamp cute Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Craft Round Up

Hopefully these ideas will keep the kids busy when they’re stuck indoors all Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Do you have any favorite Christmas craft ornaments?

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