Making the Christmas Cookie Tradition Easier With Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes

As Christmas approaches, our family has a variety of traditions that we look forward to. One tradition that we always look forward to is the making of Christmas cookies. I have to admit, however that I’m not really much of a cook. And we’ve tried some cookie recipes that have turned out to be real flops. So I was pretty excited this year to find cookie mixes by Betty Crocker. I was able to “doctor” some of the mixes to make our own unique cookies. (And because I added something, I can still get points for homemade, right?!) In this post, I’m sharing our cookie mixes here, and you can check out this site for more great recipes using the Betty Crocker cookie mixes with ingredients that you can purchase with great coupons for savings from Publix.

Christmas cookie ideas for a cookie baking tradition 

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I decided to pick mixes of two of our family’s favorite kinds of cookies- sugar cookies and peanut butter cookie. I wanted to take something we knew we liked and a twist that might make it even better. While I was picking up the cookie mixes, I picked up some Ziploc containers. Occasionally it’s nice to share, and I thought we probably didn’t need to eat all of two batches of cookies. I picked up my Betty Crocker mixes as well as the Ziploc containers from Publix. If you pick out your own Betty Crocker cookie recipe here, you can find coupons to help you save on ingredients at Publix.

Baking cookies with Betty Crocker mixes 
For the sugar cookies, I decided to make peppermint sugar cookies. The cookie mix was extremely simple. I just needed to add an egg, butter, and a tablespoon of water. I also added crushed candy canes to the mix. 
 Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix

Rachel’s favorite part was the whacking the candy canes with a wooden spoon to crush them.

Candy cane sugar cookies 
Mixing the ingredients was super easy as well. We tossed the ingredients for the dough into a large bowl and mixed it until it was mixed well. Then we stirred in the chopped candy cane pieces.
 Making sugar cookies 
Peppermint sugar cookies 
The cookies spread out well and came out just slightly golden on the edge and smelling delicious.
Baking cookies as a Christmas tradition 
The candy canes along with the sugar cookie dough made for a really pretty, Christmassy looking cookie. These would make good gifts because they are so festive.
Sugar cookies with peppermint candy 
Of course, one of the nicest things about baking is sharing. I put some cookies aside for us to keep and then I put the rest into a Ziploc container to share. I love the press and seal Ziploc containers because I can pop the lid off and on one handed and know it’s really closed. I was able to find the Ziploc containers at Publix as well for great savings.
Peppermint candy cookies 
The second cookie version we concocted involved peanut butter cookies with a snickerdoodle twist. I used the Betty Crocker peanut butter cookie mix. It was easy to mix it with just oil, water, and egg. Then I mixed cinnamon and sugar and rolled the peanut butter cookie balls in it before flattening them with a fork.
Betty Crocker peanut butter cookie mix

Even the dough balls looked yummy rolled in the cinnamon sugar.

Peanut butter cookies with cinnamon sugar

 I flattened them in the traditional crisscross way of peanut butter cookies.

Peanut butter cookies with cinnamon and sugar coating

They came out looking and smelling great. The lovely cinnamon and sugar smell made them irresistible.

Christmas cookie baking tradition

 And again, I pulled a few out to store in a Ziploc container to share.

Sharing cookies at Christmas

 After some taste testing, I think we’ve found two new cookie recipes to add to our repertoire. And, I have to admit that using the Betty Crocker cookie mixes makes even a non-cook like me look great.

You can find some great recipes using the Betty Crocker cookie mixes here and pick up coupons to use at Publix. I love the Christmas Peanut Butter Blossoms as well as the 3D Christmas Tree Cookie Stacks. And you can save on these and your Ziploc containers- because you know you have to share- at Publix.

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