This Week@ As We Walk Along the Road: After Thanksgiving; Christmas Begins; and We're On the Move

Ah, I think it’s been a couple of week since my last weekly wrap up. Things are super busy here. We took off school last week for Thanksgiving but were back to our normal routine this week. Things will soon be stopped again for Christmas break. Whew! We are also knee deep in a move. I posted a little about this last weekly wrap up, but we have found a house to move in with my mom. She has lived alone for a while now since my dad passed away. She had my nephew living there for a couple of months, and then he moved into an apartment. She really dislikes living alone. Now that we’ve found a house, we would all like to get moved before Christmas. Closing is set for the 15th of December, so we are busily trying to get ready.

I’ve wrapped up for the last two weeks, including Thanksgiving and our town’s annual Christmas festival that we’ve participated in this week. We have done school- I promise! For some reason I don’t have many pictures of anything productive going on.

A look at our family and homeschool week

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Kathryne used our Thanksgiving break to finish up a project for her Marine Biology co-op class for this semester. Her project was on sea turtles. I’m sure you would love to learn more about sea turtles, so you can watch her video below.

Thanksgiving break involved some school work, but it also meant people could lounge around in comfy clothes or pjs all day. Kathryne and the other girls decided to take apart Kathryne’s nonworking Chromebook. I’m pretty sad that she’s without a computer, but they did have a good time taking it apart to see how a computer functions. I loved that all the letters came apart on the keyboard. Ashlyne made a little name plate with them, making me think of craft possibilities for the framework of old computers.

Homeschool kids explore
As always, Thanksgiving involved turkey cupcakes. These famous sweets are regular cupcakes- these were from a gluten free Funfetti mix- decorated to look like turkeys.
Making turkey cupcakes

Thanksgiving for my husband’s family meets at a fire station in a town about forty-five minutes up the road. It’s a long story as to why we meet there, but it’s tradition. There’s a large rock right outside the door that the kids have loved to play on since they could walk. The rock doesn’t make me as nervous now as when they were little things, and I could envision busted lips and stitches and broken bones. Now they just look like the big kids they are on it.

The four at Thanksgiving

Another Thanksgiving tradition: riding on the firetruck. Thanksgiving involves pulling the truck out into the parking lot and running the siren a few times. It’s a little less of a thrill for my kids now, but they still enjoy doing it with their younger cousins.

Thanksgiving tradition

This past week, we’ve been doing normal school work. Kathryne has one more week of co-op before the break. I think our other extra-curricular events are wrapping up this week until after Christmas. This is a good thing because of the move.

Charles has been staying busy with his job at Chik Fil A. He’s only fourteen, so his hours are limited, but he’s a hard worker. This coming week he’s scheduled for four lunch shifts- nice money for him and lots of driving for me!

The weather is finally turning a little like fall- not really winter yet. Thanksgiving week had lots of rain but wasn’t very cold. This week has been sunnier- hurray!- and colder. Last Saturday, Jason had a giant bonfire to begin some yard clean up before we move. The bonfire is a family tradition. It means hanging out sitting at the fire all day. I’m not as much into watching the fire endlessly, but I have to admit that it’s kind of neat when it’s huge like this one.

Family bonfire

After a week of regular routine, this week was our town’s Christmasville. It’s a celebration to get us all ready for Christmas…and to get us to spend money. Three of the kids participated in various things. All the girls danced with their praise and worship group on Saturday, and Ashlyne was in the parade with her gym on Friday night.

Waiting for the parade Friday night was truly freezing! We huddled together for warmth.

Christmas parade

It’s not easy to find Ashlyne in the picture, but she rode on the float with NLGA- her gymnastics academy.

Christmas parade riding

Saturday was only slightly warmer. At least the sun was out, and it was beautiful. The girls were the opening act on the outside stage, preforming worship dances from their praise and worship dance group.

Praise and worship dancing

Praise and worship performance

Other things were going on downtown, and we took some time to walk around because it was so nice out. Ashlyne found a petting zoo with a pig. She’s enamored with pigs and thinks she wants one. We’ve assured her she can have one…as soon as she moves out.

Petting zoo at Christmasville

Ashlyne and Rachel were excited about the free pony rides they had; although I think Ashlyne’s is a horse, not a pony.

Christmas pony rides

Christmas pony rides

We loved walking around to see the sights. The town goes all out for this event, and it was well-done. The weather was beautiful! Ashlyne performed by the fountain.

Beautiful Christmasville weather

I’m planning on one more full week of school and then a break for moving and Christmas. We’ll see. best laid plans…

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