Review of the Captive DVD: An Amazing Story of Hope and Faith

I had heard the story behind the movie Captive. My daughter went to see it in the theater. The movie, based on a true story sounded like one that would be inspiring. My daughter really enjoyed it, and I was excited to have the opportunity to review the just released DVD of the film. I’ll have one for giveaway at the end of my review.

Review and giveaway of Captive DVD

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The story…

Ashley is a young mom trying to get over her addiction to meth and to be able to raise her young daughter. Brian Nichols is escaped from prison and on the run trying to see his newborn son. Ashley has the book The Purpose Driven Life from a lady at the support group she’s been attending. When Brian Nichols takes her hostage in her own apartment, the two have the opportunity to find hope in the midst of the despair they both face.

The movie…

Captive, the movie, is a 97 minute long film that is rated PG-13. You can find out more information about the film and watch the trailer on the official site here. The movie is now available on DVD or to watch on demand on Amazon.

My thoughts…

Captive is as inspiring and amazing as I’ve heard. The movie is very well done. Although some Christian films seem less polished than other movies, Captive has actors and actresses that do an excellent job portraying the characters in the story. And the filming quality is very good.

The story of Captive is moving. The lives of Ashley and Brian are lives of despair. Both of them have made terrible decisions and are reaping the consequences. The story presents them as the broken characters that they are. But when they begin to come face to face with spiritual truths, they start to realize that there can be hope and purpose for their lives.

Throughout the story, viewers can see that God can touch even the most desperate and hopeless of lives. He can change even the most damaged of people.

Just a caution: the movie is rated PG-13 for good reason. There is quite a bit of violence because of the nature of the story. There is nothing else inappropriate, but the violence may be too much for younger viewers. The content of the movie can provide for good discussions with older preteens and teens.

This one I definitely recommend. The story inspires and gives hope.

The giveaway…

You can win your own copy of the Captive DVD by entering the Giveaway Tools below.

Review and giveaway of Captive DVD

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