Classes and Curriculum for the Whole Family (A Schoolhouse Crew Review)

One of the really great and useful homeschool resources I’ve been able to try as a Schoolhouse Review Crew member is The Old Schoolhouse’s own site. We are given a Yearly Membership to the site each year, and I’ve used it again and again. SchoolhouseTeachers has classes available for all ages in a variety of subjects. There are also some really great parent resources available. a homeschool curriculum site

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Schoolhouse is a membership site. You can pay a monthly fee and have access to all of the classes and resources for as many children as are in your family. There are currently over 200 classes available. With your membership you also receive access to Right Now Media streaming media program that has over 10,000 Christian, family-friendly streaming media resources. A membership also gives you membership to Applecore, a homeschool record keeping program that allows you to keep grades and attendance and generate report cards and transcripts.

Streaming video free with membership classes are presented by homeschool parents or other teachers who have knowledge, interest, and experience in the subject matter. Some of the classes contain videos that the student watches; some have PDF workbook files that the student will complete; some have a PDF book that the student will use. There is a variety of ways that material is presented. If you have internet access, you can login to your account from any computer. You can choose to print any PDF files or read them online or send them to an e-reader. Some of the classes are going on currently, meaning new lessons and sessions are currently being added; and some of the classes are archived which means that all of the material is already accessible online, and you can access it as you are ready.

In addition to the awesome classes which are provided for K-12th grade, there are also parent resources- parent education classes, ebooks, the Schoolhouse printable planners, detailed checklists so that you can organize your SchoolhouseTeachers classes, articles, menu plans for each month, and more.

Homeschool record keeping

Although the site is huge with so many resources, it’s very easy to navigate. You can start with the New Members Hub, and from there, you’ll be able to search for classes. Work is under way now to make navigation even easier on the site, so I’m excited to see the changes!

Getting started page for homeschool curriculum

Here are just a few of the many, many classes available.

Homeschool classes offered
  • Everyday Easels, an elementary art program
  • Studio Art for Teens
  • Drawing With Realism for middle schoolers
  • Bible Adventures for Pre-k and kindergarten
  • Awesome Stuff in the Bible for elementary students
  • Apologetics: Creation vs. Evolution
  • American History for Beginners
  • Women Through History
  • Lapbooking for Pre-k and kindergarten
  • Everyday Copywork
  • Pre algebra
  • Trigonometry instructors

A few of our current classes…

Here are just a few of the classes we’ve used recently or are using now:

  • Experience Videomaking- Charles, my 9th grader,  has been taking this class because he has an interest in making videos. The teacher has a Master’s degree and works with The Christian Television network. The lessons for this class have been archived, so I’ve just scheduled them in weekly with Charles’s other work. The lessons for this class are video-based, so he watches a video for each class period and then has opportunity to practice what he’s learning.
  • How to Write and Produce a Play– Kathryne, my 11th grader, is taking this course. The instructor is a homeschooling mom with a Doctorate of Education. She enjoys writing and producing plays. This class is also archived, so I just schedule it in weekly with Kathryne’s classes. The instruction here includes slideshows and PDF worksheets. For this class there is a download for 1st semester and a download for 2nd semester. I chose to download them and send them off to be printed as a book. The downloads could also be sent to her Kindle to read. Kathryne is really loving this class. She’s done the first semester’s work, and is now writing her play.
  • ASL Adventure- Kathryne has also completed this American Sign Language course recently. The instructor for this course has an undergraduate degree in education and a Master’s degree in Deaf Education. She has worked as an interpreter for many years. Kathryne wants to learn and use sign language in ministry, so she was really excited to see this course offered. The lessons are all video-based and are archived to be watched as you want to schedule them.
These classes are just scratching the surface of all the current class offerings, and there are many other classes we’ve used and enjoyed over the years.

Why I love it…

SchoolhouseTeachers is such a great resource because it offers so many things and is totally flexible and adaptable with your homeschooling schedule and methods. It’s also very cost effective for families with many children because one membership price gives you access to everything. I love that I can pick and choose courses that work for us and that fit with subjects we need to cover. 
I also love the variety of teachers and ways material is presented. Some kids will learn better with video classes. Some do better with a workbook. Again, we can pick and choose what works for us.
The extra resources that come with SchoolhouseTeachers are also a blessing to us. The Schoolhouse Planner is awesome if you’re looking for a great, customizable homeschool planner. The streaming resources from Right Now media and the subscription to Applecore are great extras that come with membership as well.
My kids have really enjoyed some of the classes that we’ve used. Other times we’ve realized a class wasn’t a good fit. Because there is so much variety, we can use what works for us. For me, that’s one of the most important features. Homeschooling is so great because we can adapt and adjust to make things work for our families and our kids. SchoolhouseTeachers really resonates with that philosophy. It’s flexible. It’s adjustable. And it offers so much for all different ages, abilities, learning styles, and teaching styles. is a resource I can definitely recommend.
SchoolhouseTeachers skills checklist
You can learn more about here, and you can read about the yearly membership here. You can also find SchoolhouseTeachers on social media:





To get a good glimpse of all SchoolhouseTeachers has to offer, you can watch this introductory video.

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