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Although I love using unit studies, I sometimes hesitate to use them because of the trouble it can take to plan and present them. I recently came across a resource from a fellow blogger- online unit studies- and I was excited to check them out. I enrolled in one of her free studies, and then she graciously gave me one of her paid studies so that I could use them and explore to find out exactly how these online unit studies worked. I was very impressed.

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At a glance...

Loving Learning Freely is the blog where you can find these great online unit studies. There are currently nine studies available, and another is beginning enrollment in the spring. I believe there are plans to continue to add more unit studies. Currently these are the choices:

  • St. Patrick's Day
  • Chinese New Year
  • Valentine's Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Solar System
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Egypt: Daily Life
  • Christmas Around the World
  • Christmas Traditions
  • Famous Artists (enrolling in the spring)

A few of the smaller studies are offered as freebies on the site. Other studies currently range in cost from $5 to $19.

The studies can be used with multiple ages and can be used primarily by the child with a little parent help and preparation. At times there may be activities that are best done by older children, but these can be adapted. And there is reading to do for each lesson, so the user needs to be a reader or the parent can read.

I enrolled in the Martin Luther King Jr. study and then was graciously given the Christmas Around the World study to check out.

What is included...

Each online unit study begins with a easy navigable menu that lists the parts of the unit study. As the child completes each lesson, they can mark the lesson complete. The first few sections of the unit study are set up to provide an overview of what to expect in the unit study, materials needed, and links to other resources you'll need.

The lessons are presented as written material, videos, web links, and project ideas. Students are encouraged to sign up for Disqus to be able to comment and share information on each section. They are also encouraged to share pictures of finished projects.

You can watch a great video here to give you a virtual tour of the online studies so that you can see a little bit about how they work and what is included.

Two things I thought were really great- The Martin Luther King Jr. study includes a focus on using a specific digital tool- Canva- and I believe that this feature of presenting a new digital tool for kids to learn is in several of the studies. The Christmas Around the World study includes a Book Club feature where kids choose a book and use it to answer questions throughout the study.

Christmas Around the World study...

The Christmas Around the World study is one of the longer studies with more information and activities. The study begins with the introduction and resources list. There are crafts involved in this study, and all of those are listed, along with needed supplies, right at the beginning to be gathered before you begin.

This study contains the Book Club feature. There are several books suggested as possibilities, and the child or family is encouraged to choose one of these or other Christmas-themed book. Throughout the study, they'll refer to these for different discussion questions or activities.

There are eight countries covered in this study. In each country segment children will learn information such as where the country is, what the culture of the country is like, and what Christmas traditions people in that country enjoy. They also have a craft assigned for each country segment.

At the end of the study is a culminating project- a Christmas feast. The online study guides children in choosing a country and preparing Christmas foods from that country for a family feast.

Great things about these online unit studies...

  • There is little for the teacher/parent to do. The preparation is simple. The lists of needed supplies are easy to find. Most of the instruction is presented in a way that kids can learn independently.
  • The studies can be done at your own pace. Although they are broken up into segments, you could choose for your family how often to work on the study and how much to cover each day.
  • The unit studies can be used with multiple ages. One of my very favorite things about homeschooling is teaching multiple ages together. We've had lots of fun doing unit studies and projects together over the years. I love that these studies can be used for the whole family.
  • Kids can share their comments, questions, and projects over the comments system. Even though your family is doing this study independently, there can be a sense of community and sharing, allowing kids to see the projects others are doing or participate in a discussion about the queries that other students have.

If you enjoy using unit studies with your family, take some time to check out these online studies. They are a unique resource that can allow you to enjoy the benefits of a unit study with little preparation. If you subscribe to Loving Learning Freely you can get free and discounted studies as well.

Disclosure: I received a unit study for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and statements are entirely my own, and I was not compensated in any other way.

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