Find Worksheets, Online Tests, and Lessons to Supplement Your Homeschooling With Help Teaching (A Schoolhouse Crew Review)

Although we aren’t textbook and worksheet style homeschoolers for the most part, we occasionally need tests and worksheets to practice a concept or to demonstrate mastery. I’ve been able to find this kind of resource for younger students, but it’s been more difficult to find resources I could use with my older students. When I found out about the opportunity to review I was interested to find out if this could be such a resource. We received a one year subscription to the Pro Plan, and I was excited to see all of the printable worksheets and activities available.

online worksheets

About is an online resource that includes worksheets, online lessons, printable tests, online tests, printable games and more for grades K-12. To use the site you’ll need a good internet connection and a printer.

The site works on a subscription system. Free members can create and print tests, but only a limited number of these tests can be stored online. Pro members can create tests and worksheets, use pre made tests and worksheets, and assign tests and lessons online. There is also a group subscription that has the same resources as the pro membership but allows the user to share created tests and worksheets with the group.

A Tour of the Resources Offers

online homeschool printables

From the home page of the site you can access pre made tests and worksheets, lessons, games, the test maker, the online testing room, and your stored content.

online tests

The site has hundreds of pre made worksheet/activity sheet/test printables. They cover material for preschool through twelfth grade and cover all subjects: math, language arts, fine arts, life skill, science. There are also printable graphic organizers and seasonal printables. If you can’t find the worksheet you need you can use the worksheet generator to create math worksheets- random arithmetic facts that can be used for practice- or game printables- BINGO cards and word search.

online lessons

Online self-paced lessons are available for language arts, math, and science. There are lessons for K-12th grade, although many of the lessons are for upper elementary and older. Most of the lessons are 15- 30 minutes long, but there are a few longer lessons. The lessons can be assigned to students and shared with the student by email or with a link that allows them to access the lesson.

online science practice
Online lessons

The lessons include a variety of teaching materials including video, reading, worksheets and tests. Once the student has completed the lesson, there is a report area that shows the time spent and whether or not the practice questions have been completed.

printable activities

In the games section, you can use your own lesson material to create BINGO and word search printables that can go along with anything you’re teaching.

online quizzes

With the test maker, you can create a test on any material. You can create the test from scratch, using all of your own questions, choose pre made questions that apply to your material, or specify a grade and subject and allow the generator to create a test.

middle school lessons

In the online testing center, you can assign students to complete tests online. You can also see any assigned tests and lessons in this section. has so many different resources available, and I found that there were many ways to use this site to supplement what we’re doing in our regular homeschool courses.

A Few of the Resources We Used

I used the site primarily for the pre made worksheets. I didn’t assign online tests. I did use the lessons feature occasionally. But the biggest benefit to me is the pre made worksheet section.

Because we aren’t typically textbook/worksheet style homeschoolers, I sometimes feel as if certain material that we need to cover may slip through the cracks. I love literature and unit studies, but there is some value, I think, in having the kids practice standard skills occasionally. I used the worksheets from for this purpose.
Here are a few of the resources I really liked.

  • Math review sheets- My 5th and 6th grader use a math program that is not Common Core aligned. I know there are many and varied opinions about school standards in general and the Common Core in particular, but this math program is one that works great for us. I sometimes wonder, though, how what they are learning will compare to standards for their age groups. We don’t take standardized tests, but if we had to, how would they compare? I loved using the 5th and 6th grade math review sheets for this.
  • Graphic organizers- I love to use graphic organizers for reading and for writing. I’m often scrambling to find the type of organizer I want as a printable online or I’m making up my own. There is a great selection of graphic organizers in Help Teaching, and I was able to find story maps, main idea organizers, math solutions organizers, webbing organizers, and more in the graphic organizer section.
  • Literature tests– In the language arts section, there are simple comprehension tests for classic children’s and high school student’s literature. These tests aren’t very detailed and most of the questions are simplistic multiple choice or true or false, but they can be helpful to test comprehension when I haven’t read the book yet. (There are answer keys to help me with those books I haven’t read.)
  • Games maker– I love to be able to make game sheets to review material we’ve been learning. For example, we’re reading Prince Caspian for our literature, and I used the word search maker to make a printable with words from the story. There is also a BINGO maker that would be good for reviewing vocabulary or math concepts.

My Opinion of

There are so many resources available on the site. With the style of our homeschooling, I probably wouldn’t use the lessons on the site often. There are a few holiday/seasonal lessons that I thought would be interesting, and it would definitely be convenient to assign a child a lesson he could just work through independently. But for us, the supplementary test/worksheets are definitely the greatest resource.
I really like that there are resources for older students included. I like that I can customize worksheets and tests to review information we’ve been learning. And I love the printable graphic organizers available. provides many and varied resources that you will be able to use with the whole family.  Whether you love textbooks and worksheets or use a different homeschooling method, there is much here that can be useful for homeschoolers.

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