Game Play For Fun and Learning With Simply Fun (a Schoolhouse Crew Review)

Last year we enjoyed a new game from a new to me family game company- SimplyFun. The company has many great games that are fun to play and that have a learning focus. Recently, we had the opportunity to review another great family game from SimplyFun: The Climbing Knights.

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About SimplyFun…

SimplyFun is a company that produces educational family games. The games can be used as fun games for families, as homeschooling resources, in a classroom, and with children with disabilities.

SimplyFun has done a great job of becoming a resource for homeschoolers. Because the games help students learn and practice different skills while providing fun for a variety of ages, they are perfect for homeschooling families. They offer a homeschooling membership that allows you to receive two free games each year and a continued discount on all games that you purchase.

There are games available for toddlers and preschoolers all the way through teens. The game descriptions on the site include information about the skills that can be practiced through the game. Some of the game descriptions also offer specific ways that the game can be used with children with learning disabilities and differences.

The Climbing Knights…

We received for review The Climbing Knights. This game, intended for ages 8 and up, is one of four of SimplyFun’s new releases.

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The primary players of The Climbing Knights in our house have been my 10 and 11 year old (and me of course!). The game can be played by the whole family, and I think my older kids could enjoy it as well.

The goal in the game is to have your knight climb the castle and retrieve two banners- one at a time- without running into the guards on the castle walls. The game can develop spatial reasoning as players have to be able to think about how the guard will move and which directions the guard can see in order to protect their knight. There is also strategy involved as players decide what direction to move their knights. Fine motor skills are needed as the knight pieces- which are magnetic- make it up the wall to retrieve their banners.

When we first received the game and opened the box, we took some time to read the instructions. The Climbing Knights, like the other SimplyFun game we reviewed last year has detailed instructions included. It was a little difficult to figure out some of the instructions about how the pieces moved, but once we began playing it was easier to understand. Sometimes I think you just have to jump in and see how it works.

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The castle requires some set up, but it is pretty simple.

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The castle wall pieces are magnetic, so the knights- which are magnets- stick to them. The guards are on stands that move around the castle levels.

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To play the game, the player rolls three die. The number on the black die tells the player how many spaces to move the black guard on the top level of the castle. The number on the grey die tells the player how many spaces to move the grey guard on the mid level of the castle. And the number on the whit die tells how many spaces to move the knight who is magnetically climbing the castle wall.

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As players move the knights and guards, they have to avoid being seen by the guard. There are instructions about which way the guards can see, Occasionally knights can be protected by being in spaces under “ledges” on the castle walls. But their progress can also be blocked by windows and other knights. If a knight is seen by a guard, he must return to the bottom to begin again.

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When a player reaches the top, he takes one of two banners that are there. Each knight has two banners that match his color, and these banners are put in the castle top at set up. After retrieving the banner, the player has to slide down the front of the castle without being seen by the guard. They then begin again until they reach the top and retrieve the second banner and make it back down the castle once more. The first player to do this wins.

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The Climbing Knights: our thoughts…

Just as we enjoyed our previous SimplyFun game- You can read that review here.- we also enjoyed The Climbing Knights. I love that the game is fun as well as skill building. The girls just enjoy the fun and the race to the top of the castle.

The instructions were a little confusing at the beginning because there are so many pieces that move, but the directions are detailed and well-written, and we were able to figure it out as we began playing.

I also like that it’s a game that doesn’t take forever to play. We love board games, and it’s not unusual to find us pulling out a game for some part of the family to play after supper. Because that’s our typical play time, it’s difficult to play a game that takes a long time to play. The Climbing Knights was perfect. It takes enough time to make it worthwhile to play, but we can finish a game in less than thirty minutes.

The Climbing Knights is a great addition to our board game collection. You can learn more from the SimplyFun website. Connect with SimplyFun on social media:

Instagram: @SimplyFun

Crew Disclaimer

Crew members reviewed this game and another of the new releases. Click the banner to find out what other Crew members thought.

SimplyFun Review

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