Hands-on Learning About the Election Process from Home School in the Woods (A Schoolhouse Crew Review)

We thoroughly enjoy lapbooking. Over the years we’ve done lapbooks to go along with literature  books we’ve read. We’ve done unit studies that used lapbooks, and we’ve used lapbooking as a hands-on way to learn about various topics. Because we have an election coming up, I was very excited to have an opportunity to use a lapbook to learn about the election process with my younger girls.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a very politically active person. And our American election process has sometimes seemed a little confusing to me. So I learned right along with the girls as we completed the HISTORY Through the Ages Hands-On History Lap-pak: U.S. Elections from Home School in the Woods. We’ve used lapbook resources and other resources from Home School in the Woods, so I had high expectations for this one. I wasn’t disappointed.

US elections lapbook

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What, exactly, is Home School in the Woods?

Home School in the Woods is a publishing company run by the Pak family. The resources that they create began with a timeline to aid in the study of history. (It’s an awesome timeline resource, by the way.) Amy Pak is a homeschooling mom who wanted to create resources that she loved to teach history to her own children, and out of her creations, the company was born. I’ve had the privilege of hearing Amy speak, and I love their story.

What comes with the HISTORY Through the Ages Hands-On History Lap-pak: U.S. Elections resource?

The Hands-On History Lap-paks are lapbook resources that include all the material needed to teach about the subject as well as to create a lasting lapbook or notebook. We had the opportunity to review another of these lap-paks last year with the Crew- that one was Passport World History: the Middle Ages.  The lap-paks are suggested for grades 3-8.

Hands-on US elections

For this lap-pak we received a digital product. There is also a CD version available. For either version, you’ll need a way to print materials. I like to send all of mine to the office supply store because printing in bulk saves money on ink for me.

Included in the lap-pak are all of the masters for the printable pages. You can print as many as needed for the family. There are also detailed directions for each lapbook project as well as pictures so you can see how the projects should look when completed. Supplies needed are detailed- how many of each printable and any additional materials that may be needed to complete a project. A great introductory page explains the purpose and use of the lap-pak and gives some additional resources such as websites and books where you can find more information about the election.

Lapbook for US elections

History lapbook

For the U.S. Elections resource, there are twenty-one lapbook projects that include information about topics such as who can run for election, how campaigns are handled, what the National Convention is, and the Electoral College. There is a reading text that has the information students will need to learn as they complete the projects. Audio files are also provided that read the text.

How did we use the U.S. Elections lap-pak? 

I began by reading through the information in the files. There is a “Start” document that serves as a springboard and contains the introductory information and instructions. After I had a grasp of what we were going to do, I sent all the files of the project masters to the printer.

There is a choice of how to print the reading material. You can make a mini book or print the pages full size. I printed the pages full size.

US elections lapbook

I used the lap-pak with my younger girls- 5th and 6th graders. They wanted to make a notebook with the projects instead of a lapbook, so we did. We placed our reading text in the front of the notebooks and then used cardstock to mount the mini book projects. This gave a great resource that had the reading material and the lapbook components all in one complete notebook.

Lapbook projects for US elections

US elections hands-on

The lap-pak can be used on your schedule. I chose to do the reading out loud with the girls and then complete three or four projects each day, depending on how involved each was. I like doing the reading as we go along, having the girls put together the projects after we’ve read about each. That way the hands-on project is reinforcing what we just read and discussed.

What did we think?

I wasn’t disappointed in the U.S. Elections lap-pak. I think it’s an incredible resource. There was just enough information included in the reading to get to know the subject without being too detailed and long-winded.

The information is presented in a way that the girls could easily understand. Even I was learning more and more about the election process works.

The projects were a good reflection of the material read and gave a way to reinforce the material we had just read and discussed. Most of the projects were simple enough for the girls. There were one or two that seemed more difficult and were a little frustrating, but we just decided to do fewer projects on those days.

If you’re looking for a hands-on way to help kids understand the election process, I think this is a great resource.

Crew Disclaimer

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