Jesus Helps Me: A Graham Blanchard Book That Teaches Young Children About God

Although I don’t have little ones anymore, I have loved having the opportunity to review board books that teach little ones about God from Graham Blanchard. I first had the opportunity to review a few of their books here. I’ve recently received one of their newest books- Jesus Helps Me– and this was another great resource for parents who want to teach young children about God using concepts that children can understand.

Graham Blanchard is a publisher of children’s board books that help parents teach very young children about God. They have three types of books. Learn books teach young children concepts about Who God is. Absorb books help young children to understand their relationship with God. And Praise books guide children in living a life of praise to God.

Jesus Helps Me: teaching young children about God

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The book that I recently reviewed is Jesus Helps Me. This board book falls into the Learn category. Callie Grant is the author.

Jesus Helps Me opens with a Scripture passage- John 12:44-47. Using beautiful photographs of birds, the book walks young children through the Scripture passage using a different bird on each page to illustrate part of the Scripture.

For example: “Jesus says, ‘Whoever believes in me…'” This page features a mother swan with her babies snuggled securely on her back. The words on the page remind children that, just as baby swans stay close to their mother because they know she’ll care for them, so we can know God by staying close to Him.

The pictures in the book are beautiful, and the pages are colorful and will grab the attention of little ones. At the end of the book there are tips for grownups to use this book to talk with young children about God.

I love this book and think it’s a great addition to the Graham Blanchard group of books that teach hard to understand concepts about God to little ones in concrete ways. As well as the book, I love that the Graham Blanchard website has many great free resources for parents- a free ebook about spiritual training in the first five years, tip sheets for the books, a prayer support section, and more.

If you have a little one, Jesus Helps Me is a great resource to guide conversations with that little one about God. Even when children are very little, they aren’t too young to begin hearing these concepts. Then as they grow and they have more understanding, the door will be open to have these meaningful conversations about God.

You can find Jesus Helps Me on the Graham Blanchard website here.

Jesus Helps Me: teaching young children about God

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are entirely my own, and I was not compensated in any other way.

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