Planning an Amazing Valentine's Day Party

I know that Valentine’s Day is often what a friend of mine accurately called a “Hallmark holiday.”  It’s basically a holiday used by marketers to sell cards, candy, flowers, and gifts. But, even knowing that, it’s such a fun holiday to celebrate with kids.

When my kids were much younger we began a Valentine’s Day party tradition. My children had never been to school, so they hadn’t had the experience of exchanging Valentine’s cards with everyone in the classroom. I, however, had those memories. I could vividly remember as a student and as a second grade teacher the brown paper bags we would decorate for collecting valentines, the homemade valentines with sweet sentiments written on them, the candy valentines that everyone liked to find. With these pleasant memories, I decided that my children would get the classic Valentine’s Day party experience.

And so I began inviting different homeschool friends over for Valentine’s Day parties each year around Valentine’s Day. We’ve continued the tradition even as the kids have gotten older. Now, the party is admittedly much more about hanging out with friends and getting candy than about cute crafts and valentines exchanges.  But our annual Valentine’s Day party is a tradition we always look forward to.

Valentines Day party ideas

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Here are some ideas and resources to help you plan your own amazing Valentine’s Day party.

Valentine’s Day Crafts

With cardstock and yarn, kids can create these cute string heart yarn cards.

 I love the easy to do, not much mess, scratch off these magic color scratch hearts. You can get a pack of them to have enough for all of the party guests, and it’s simple enough for even the younger kids to be involved.

Even the littlest guests can make these valentines noodle necklaces.

Make these cute craft roll foam critters. There are bears, owls, and butterflies- all with cute hearts and pink and red trim.

These tissue paper heart sun catchers are easy to make and pretty to display afterwards.

For an incredibly easy craft, let kids use these foam Valentine’s Day stickers to decorate a paper bag for holding all their cards.

Valentine’s Day Cards

We’ve recycled crayons before, so I loved these homemade heart shaped crayon valentines.

If you don’t have the time (or energy) to make homemade valentines, these cards are Valentine’s Day cards with matching buttons and are unique with the matching buttons attached.

These Minecraft themed valentines are very cute and look very simple to make. There are free printables here to help you.

Instead of the traditional card, give friends Valentine’s treat boxes- a cute little treat box filled with candy. (It’ll probably be the most popular valentine!)

If you have boys that want to exchange cards but don’t want things to be too “girly” try these chocolate scented monster cards.

Although I love the cute homemade cards, we can’t always make them. (See the above comment about time and energy.) These cute cards with stickers are the next best thing because kids can customize them for each friend.

Valentines Day party ideas

Party Food

These love bug fruit cups are adorable and require no cooking- just some cute decorations.

Ice cream and cherry 7 up make up these yummy looking Cupid Floats.

Make this yummy Valentine’s Day confetti for snacking at the party.

These pink cool whip cookies will look pretty and sound so easy to make.

We love dipped pretzels at Christmas time, but I’ve never thought about doing them for Valentine’s Day. These are dipped in white chocolate (colored pink) and rolled in Valentine’s Day sprinkles.

This valentines white chocolate popcorn is pretty and yummy.

Party Activities

Watch the classic Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown.– This favorite classic Valentine’s Day movie has the whole Peanuts gang and a sweet story. Pop some popcorn and let partygoers have a movie afternoon.

Play a Valentine’s Day version of I Spy with these free printables.

Add a little learning to your party with these conversation heart science experiments.

This Valentine’s Day candy heart game is really simple but will be lots of fun- especially for those super competitive kiddos.

Even little guests can have fun playing this valentines musical hearts game.

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