To The Prospective Homeschool Mama

Dear Mama,

I know you're thinking about homeschooling. I had the chance to talk to you earlier this week. You are excited, passionate, motivated. Things are falling into place. You hear God's call to homeschool your children.

I shared with you. I gave you some resources. I told you I loved to talk homeschooling. It's my passion.

But our time was cut short, and there were things I didn't get to tell you, things you need to know.

homeschooling mom, prospective homeschooler

First, Mama, homeschooling is the best thing you will ever do. When you homeschool, you have the opportunity to share each and every day with these precious children. I'm sure you see by now how time flies. One minute they were babies. Now they are elementary schoolers. I can tell you even more. I have teenagers! Yesterday it seems I was wearing them in a sling. Now they are taller than I! But I get to share every day with them. I know what they like. I know what makes them smile, what makes them sad. I share laughs and deep thoughts and sometimes tears.

Because, Mama, homeschooling is the hardest thing you will ever do. That's another thing I didn't get to tell you. Not every day is sweet and precious. Sometimes you feel bad- but there are still kids to teach. Sometimes kids are in a bad mood- but there are still kids to teach. Sometimes you are so discouraged and frustrated- but there are still kids to teach. You can't do this by yourself. You will learn the beauty of leaning on God. You will need to rely on God every week, every day, every minute to make it through.

Even when you do rely on God, Mama, there will be days you are sure you should quit. Don't listen to the lies of the world. "Teachers can teach your kids better than you can. They are professionals." "You know you can't teach high school math. What are you thinking?" "What about socialization. Your poor kids are stuck at home all day with no friends. They are going to be hopelessly non social." Don't listen. God gave you these children, and He called you to this path. He will provide what your children- and you need. No teacher will ever know your child as well as you do. And, believe me, homeschoolers are NOT stuck at home all day. (I could only wish.)

So, Mama, you are headed for a wonderful journey. You are going to learn so much- academic things you never knew as well as parenting skills you never knew you needed. You are also going to learn to rely on God. You are going to pray- often. You are going to meet some wonderful people. You are going to have fun. Welcome to the wonderful, exciting, tedious, scary, ever changing world that is homeschooling.

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