A Unique Way to Study the Resurrection With Grapevine Studies (a Schoolhouse Crew Review)

If you’ve been around the blog for a while, you may know that I love Grapevine Studies Bible curriculum. I’ve been using it with my younger girls for quite a while now and also used it with the older kids some time ago. I’ve reviewed for Grapevine on several occasions, most recently this review of one of their Old Testament overview courses. So I was very excited to have the opportunity to review another great study from Grapevine in our recent Crew review.

We received the Resurrection: Multi-Level study from Grapevine Studies. This study can be used with multiple ages from elementary up. I used it with Ashlyne and Rachel, 5th and 6th graders. Our package included the digital version of the teacher’s book and the digital student book.

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Grapevine Studies’ Unique Approach

The Grapevine Studies approach to Bible study is unique. The study involves drawing stick figures as you read through a section of the Bible. The teacher illustrates the drawings, and the students copy the drawing. The studies also include Scripture memory, vocabulary, review questions, timelines, and Biblical map work. Studies for older students occasionally include activities that can help students learn how to study the Bible in a deeper way with study tools.

Because of the drawing aspect of Grapevine Studies, the lessons touch on a variety of learning styles. Learners hear and read Scripture. They draw illustrations. They answer review questions. They can visualize what they’ve already learned by looking back over their drawings and timelines. This unique approach means that learners of all styles have some part of the Bible study that reaches them.

The Grapevine Bible studies approach Scripture in a verse by verse method. Students will analyze passages of Scripture, reading through the passage verse by verse. This method teaches students to view the context of the Scripture they’re reading and to interpret Scripture in context. Materials for older students teach students to use different Bible study resources to dig even deeper to learn the meaning of Scripture in context.

Another really awesome thing about the Grapevine approach, in my opinion, is the use of timelines. Timelines help students to really see the big picture of the Bible and how events fit together. Grapevine Bible studies all begin with a timeline overview to give students a picture of the events they’re going to learn about. Then each lesson begins with a timeline review to give students a visual reminder of the events you’ve covered so far.

Using Grapevine Studies

There are two main types of studies that Grapevine offers- New and Old Testament overview studies and topical studies. The overview studies are a series of studies that give an overview of the entire Bible, covering major stories and events. These studies are offered in a variety of levels that cover pre-k to 8th grade students. Topical studies take a more in depth look at a particular section of the Bible. They are offered in beginner and multi-level versions. The site has an excellent description of the levels that can guide you to choose the materials you need for your family.

With the digital teacher and student books, you can print what you need for a family. I always send the entire bunch to the office supply store because my little printer uses too much ink to print lots at a time. Currently we’ve been keeping all of the studies we’ve done this year in one binder, separated by dividers. When we finish up with the Resurrection study and begin our next one- which I’ve already sent to the printer- we’re going to need new binders! You can purchase printed teacher and student books as well if you’re only using them with one student or want to avoid the printing costs.

Using these Bible studies may seem overwhelming the first time you pick one up because they are so different from some other Bible curriculum resources. But the teacher’s book is very thorough and does a great job showing you exactly how to get started. There are suggested schedules for how to break up the lessons in the teacher’s book. These are flexible for how you’re using the study- in a co-op or Sunday school or in your homeschool.

I use this as our Bible curriculum, so we use it four days a week, covering each lesson in two days. Each lesson usually has two student drawing pages. On the first day, I go over the timeline review, complete the first student page of drawings, and go over the vocabulary words. On the second day, we complete the second student page of drawings in the lesson, draw the favorite picture of the lesson, answer the comprehension questions, and go over the memory verse.

The Resurrection: Multi-Level Study

This go round we’ve had the opportunity to work on The Resurrection study. This is one of the topical unit studies that Grapevine offers. I use the multi-level version for my girls. This version is typically for ages 7 and up. This study has 11 lessons.

The Resurrection study has been taking us through the last week of Jesus’ life and into His death, burial, and resurrection. We’ve been reading through different parts of the gospels as we look at the event through the eyes of Jesus’ different disciples. We’ve understood a little better about why the religious leaders were out to get Jesus, and we’ve looked at Judas’ betrayal and Jesus’ response.

With only eleven lessons, this study has been a great short study that is taking us right up to the Easter holiday. I am hopeful that learning these things about Jesus’ death and resurrection will help us as we focus on the meaning of Easter.

Grapevine Studies: Our Tips and Opinions

  • Do not be overwhelmed by the fact that this curriculum involves drawing. This is NOT an art course. Trust me: I am not an artist. The object is not to have perfect figures. The object is to have a hands-on way to remember and interact with the Scripture we’re reading.

  • I love timelines. Can I just say it again? I love timelines. Use the timelines in this study. I love that they help to tie together the events we’ve been reading about.

  • Encourage children to be free in drawing. I tried to make clear to the girls from the beginning the point I made above. This curriculum is not about awesomely drawn pictures. I encourage them to draw a picture that helps them to see what we’re reading about. How well drawn is not important. I will confess that they take a little creative license at times. Our Biblical figures have been known to have hats, hair accessories, or any and every item in their hands.

  • Grapevine Bible studies are so great because of the close attention to reading and studying Scripture. This is not a Bible study that reads one verse and then veers off into a discussion. This study looks at Scripture verse by verse and guides children into studying in depth what the Bible has to say.

  • We’ve had some awesome discussions around these studies. Because we’re studying Scripture in detail, we’ve had the opportunity to talk about the passages and discuss what’s happening. One of the questions in every comprehension question review section is “What can you learn about God in this passage?” That question can lead to great discussions.

As always, I love Grapevine Studies. The Resurrection study has been an interesting one for the girls and for me as we’ve learned more in detail about Jesus’ last week. It’s also been giving us a fresh appreciation of the sacrifice Jesus made for us. Something that has come up again and again is how Christ came to suffer and die for us even though He didn’t have to.

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