An Awesome Event for Gluten and Allergen Free Eaters (And an Opportunity for You to Win Tickets!)

When I first decided to go gluten free several years ago, I did so because of health reasons. My fibromyalgia and migraines were continuing to get worse and worse, and I was pretty desperate. I honestly didn’t want going gluten free to work because I’m a rather picky eater, and I was very afraid of changing my eating habits.

I committed to be gluten free for a month before drawing conclusions about whether or not my change in diet was helpful. But within only a couple of weeks I could tell. Going gluten free had a very positive impact on how I felt. It wasn’t a magic cure, but I definitely felt better.

Unfortunately, in those early days I was constantly starving. My diet- which I admit wasn’t very healthy at the time- contained lots and lots of bread and pastry items. All of these were made of wheat. It took some trial- and the help of my sister who has been eating a Celiac diet for years- to begin to find food that I could eat that I actually enjoyed.

Gluten and allergen free event

Over time I’ve found many great gluten free foods. To be honest, I think I’m easting much healthier overall because I actually look at what is in my food now. I can make my own favorites with gluten free flour and ingredients when I come across a treat I want that contains gluten. And I’ve many favorites that are naturally gluten free.

Because I’m constantly on the lookout for new information about eating gluten free and yummy gluten free food products, I am super excited to be attending the Gluten and Allergen Free Wellness Event coming locally to me in Charlotte, North Carolina. This awesome event comes to four US cities throughout the year, and there is an event in Charlotte- just up the road from me- in April.

Gluten free workshops

About the Gluten and Allergen Free Wellness Event…

My local event, coming to Charlotte, NC on April 2, 2016 has much to offer:

  • Nine educational workshops covering aspects of eating gluten free, adapting gluten free recipes, grain free eating, essential oils and digestion, and more
  • A host of national and local gluten free vendors
  • Allergen free product samples
  • Cooking demonstrations
I’ve been looking over the presentation schedule, and there are several workshops I’m really excited about!

How you can attend…

The Charlotte, NC event takes place on April 2, 2016. You can find the Charlotte event on Facebook here.

Gluten free event

If you can’t make the trip to Charlotte, check out the event’s main page to see if there is an event near you.

Win your tickets…

Two lucky winners can win a set of two tickets, so you and a friend can attend the Charlotte event. Winners will be drawn on March 26. Enter the giveaway below.

Ticket giveaway to Gluten and Allergen Free event

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