Ponds, Lakes, and Rivers Unit Study Resources...and FREE Unit Study Planner

If you’re doing an ecology study, ponds, lakes, and rivers make for interesting environments to read about because of the plant and animal life you can find. It’s also fun to study these habitats because it’s easy to find one to visit and experience some hands on learning. If you’re learning about ponds, lakes, and rivers, these books, activities, and websites will help you to create your own unit study. Never created a unit study? You can get my free ebook- Create Your Own Unit Study– for step-by-step instructions and a printable unit study planner.

Ponds, lakes, and rivers unit study resources
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Ponds, Lakes, and Rivers Books

Song of the Water Boatman and Other Pond Poems by Joyce Sidman– This is a collection of poetry all about ponds and the plants and animals you’ll find there. (kindergarten and early elementary)

Ponds poetry for kids

Little Critter: Just a Day at the Pond by Mercer Mayer– I’m a huge fan of Little Critter, and in this installment, he’s visiting the pond and looking forward to a day of fishing and catching frogs. (kindergarten and early elementary)

Ponds books for kids

Life in the Pond by Craig Hammersmith- In this nonfiction book, kids can get a glimpse of life that can be found in and around ponds. (early elementary)

Animals in ponds

In the Small, Small Pond by Denise Fleming- This book takes young readers on a tour of the pond through different seasons. (kindergarten)

Pond life

Turtle Splash: Countdown at the Pond by Cathryn Falwell– Really young readers can have fun with this counting book all about turtles at the pond. (preschool and kindergarten)

Turtles in ponds

Why Does It Happen? Oceans, Seas, Lakes, and Rivers by Baby Professor– This book is designed to capture the attention of young readers as they learn about how oceans, seas, lakes and rivers are formed. (kindergarten and early elementary)

Oceans, seas, lakes, and ponds

Pond Walk by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace– Buddy, a young bear, takes a walk around the pond with his mother and learns about all of the animals he finds along the way. (preschool- early elementary)

Exploring the pond

Pond Circle by Betsy Franco– A young girl watches the pond which is seemingly quiet at first. But it comes alive as she realizes the life she can find there. (preschool – early elementary)

Life in the pond

Pond by Donald Silver– In this book- part of the One Small Square series- readers will learn about what they can find in one small square of pond. There are also experiments and activities. (elementary)

Pond ecology

Near One Cattail: Turtles, Logs and Leaping Frogs by Anthony D. Fredericks– Young readers can learn about animals found in the wetlands. (preschool +)

Life in the wetlands

Ponds, Lakes, and Rivers Web Resources

This cute video teaches the kids the differences between different bodies of water.

Easy Science for Kids has a great page that explores lakes and ponds and includes pictures and videos.

And this Easy Science for Kids page is all about rivers and streams.

Science Kids has a page of fun lake facts.

National Geographic Kids has this information about freshwater habitats.

Ducksters has this page about freshwater biomes including ponds, lakes, and rivers for kids.

And Ducksters has this page about rivers that gives information about the ten largest rivers of the world.

The Young People’s Trust for the Environment site has a great page of information about ponds. Use the navigation sidebar to the left to learn about pond animals, plants, pollution, and more.

This great video goes over the water cycle and shows kids beautiful pictures of some of the famous river systems and lakes in the world.

World Biomes has this page about freshwater biomes and some of the plants and animals that are found there.

Ponds, Lakes and Rivers Activities

These free printable land form cards from Research Parent contain cards that include lakes, ponds, and rivers.

Gift of Curiosity has a great idea for kids to make sailboats and create their own river to sail them on. There’s some great critical thinking and science exploration going on here!

These Underwater I Spy Jars from Adventures in a Box would be great to create for each habitat- pond, river, and lake.

Mama’s Learning Corner has a great collection of pond-themed worksheets for kindergarten and 1st grade.

This recycled craft from Still Playing School shows the life cycle of a frog.

This water lily experiment from Playtivities would be great as an accompaniment to your pond, river, lakes study.

Although this Inspecting Pond Water activity from Stir the Wonder says it’s for preschoolers, this would be a great activity for older kids as well.

Find free Pond Life Word Cards from Prekinders. You can use these for games, matching, and other activities.

Early Learning Ideas has a cute Frog Counting Activity for young kids.

And younger kids will enjoy the Frog and Pond Habitat Sensory Bin described here at Life Over C’s.

Ponds, Lakes, and Rivers Lapbooking and Notebooking Resources

The free 600 page notebooking sampler from Notebooking Pages.com has some great notebooking pages that you could use with this study.

Homeschool Share has a free frog unit study and lapbook set here.

You can also find other pond related resources from Homeschool Share here.

This Pond Habitat lapbook from Teachers Pay Teachers isn’t free, but it looks like a good one.

The Notebooking Nook has some great free frog notebooking pages.

If you have little ones, this free printable Pond Life Tot Book is very cute.

The Great Lakes from Speedy Geography is a study of the Great Lakes that includes copywork and other notebooking pages. (not free)

Ponds, lakes, and rivers unit study resources

Don’t forget to pick up the free unit study planner here.

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