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I’ve had several opportunities to review movies from through the Schoolhouse Review Crew. I love the choices that they offer of quality family movies. I was excited when we had another opportunity to review. This time we received a DVD of the movie Woodlawn.

Woodlawn DVD review

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About is a website that offers a variety of family friendly DVDs. I was very interested to have the opportunity through this review to learn a little more about the company. It was started by a Turkish Christian who produced a movie about the Apostle Paul and the early Christian churches. When he and his family immigrated to America, he began selling this movie through the internet. Soon he was selling other Christian movies, and out of this came

When you go to the you can find a variety of family-friendly DVDs and Blu-Rays, as well as some apparel. The site offers popular Christian films, documentaries, educational movies, biographies, music videos and more. There are always some deals and bargains featured as well as current popular Christian movies.

About Woodlawn

Woodlawn DVD

This time I chose the movie Woodlawn for our review. I remembered seeing the trailer for the movie when it first came out, and it was one I thought would be great. The movie is rated PG because of racial tension and violence.

Woodlawn is based on a true story. And, I’m telling my age here, one reason the story appealed to me is because it happened in 1973- the year I was born. The story takes place in Birmingham, Alabama- a place fraught with racial tension and constant violence between blacks and whites.

Woodlawn High School was a school affected by the desegregation laws. Troy Nathan- one of the movie’s main characters- was one of the black students who came in. Several black students joined the school’s football team, and the racism and unrest were a part of the team as well. The coach- Tandy Gerelds- is at a loss as to how he’ll bring unity to this divided team.

And then revival breaks out. After listening to an athletic chaplain speak, most of the team is moved to individual revival and to a desire to have unity instead of racism throughout the team. The difference in the lives of the team members touches the heart of the coach- an unbeliever. And the entire community begins to see the difference in the team and to be amazed at the character of the team and at their success on the field.

The hero of the movie- Troy Nathan- went on to play football for Alabama in college and then to play in the NFL.

There are many touching moments throughout the movie. It’s very powerful to see the change that individual revival had on the lives of each of the football players. Despite the tension and unrest in the school and in the city, it’s clear that a relationship with Jesus Christ is what makes the difference in the lives of the players.

There are some difficult moments to watch in Woodlawn. The hate and violence from both blacks and whites is a real thing, and it’s sometimes hard to see. There were many moments that I felt hurt or anger at the things that happened.

Throughout it all, though, Woodlawn is an inspiring, touching, and encouraging movie. The real life message is that the love of God can reach through hate and racism and change lives. It was true through the 1973 season at Woodlawn, and it’s true now.

Once again, I’m thankful to for the quality family movies they offer.

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