3 Girls + Lilla Rose= Beautiful Hair

I have to admit that I may have been one of the few people left on the planet to try the beautiful Lilla Rose hair clips. You would think that having three girls and being a girl myself, I would have made the opportunity, but, truth be told, I’m not really a “girly girl.” However, my girls are- or can be when they want to be.

All of us were pretty excited when a blogging friend of mine let us each choose a Lilla Rose hair clip to use for review.

Lilla Rose hair clips

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Knowing almost nothing about Lilla Rose- except that I had seen others wearing them, and they were really pretty- I went to my friends, Lilla Rose page and began looking. (You can find her Lilla Rose page here- https://www.lillarose.biz/prettyhair.) The hair clips come in sizes and there is a great video on the site that explains how to determine what size you need. You’ll see suggestions based on what kind of hair you have as well as how you’re planning on wearing your hair. Lilla Rose also has a variety of other accessories as well. We chose four beautiful clips.

Hair accessories

I was super excited when our package arrived with some beautiful hair clips.

Hair clip

My daughters and I all have different types and lengths of hair, so it was interesting to see how we could use the clips differently. Jennifer has a Pinterest board with all kinds of ideas for how to use the Lilla Rose accessories.

Rachel’s hair is baby fine and definitely not thick. I was worried about the clips even staying in her hair because many hair accessories won’t. But they stay in and look so pretty.

Girls hairstyles

Ashlyne has very thick hair and likes to try out all different styles. She’s always coming up with something new on her own or getting ideas off YouTube.

Hair clips

Kathryne has super thick hair that is also fairly frizzy at times. Her hair also doesn’t hold a hair clip well, but she can use her clip easily as well. I think she could try more styles if we tried some larger sized clips.

Girls hair accessories

And…I don’t have a picture of my clip, but I also think they’re beautiful- mine’s the Leilani- and I’m looking forward to growing my hair out a little more so that I can do more with it.

I have to say that I’m impressed with my introduction to Lilla Rose. They are beautiful and versatile. Although we haven’t had ours long, they also look like they’ll be far more durable than some of the hair accessories we’ve tried.

Hair accessories

If you’d like to learn more about Lilla Rose, you can find a wealth of information about styles and sizing on Jennifer’s Lilla Rose site- https://www.lillarose.biz/prettyhair. If you don’t already have a Lilla Rose consultant, you can sign up as her customer to receive information on new deals and products. You can also find Jennifer and her Lilla Rose hair accessories on social media:

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