Five Great Gifts For Mom On Any Day of the Year

Whether it’s Mother’s Day or Christmas or any other holiday or birthday, I think moms are some of the hardest people to find gifts for- me included. After all, most moms can buy what they need, and it’s sometimes hard to think beyond the practical and come up with an idea that will really be something mom loved.

Gifts for mom

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I don’t know every mom, of course, but here are some gifts I- a mom- would love to have any day- even it’s not a holiday.

A child’s drawing as an piece of art

I was looking through the Minted website the other day. Minted has beautiful, personalized art, stationary, and other home products. And I came across these.

Artwork framed

It is children’s artwork made into a framed print! I love it when the kids give me anything, and I happen to have a box of scraps of paper on which they’ve drawn or written little notes. No, I don’t save everything. In fact, I’m a tosser, not a saver. But those little scraps of art work and sweet notes are special. I would love to have one of those turned into art to hang beside my desk. Better yet, I could have one picture from each child. I think most of the moms I know would agree.

Bath fizzies

I love relaxing baths. It’s what I look forward to at the end of the day. Ahh. If you really want to make this mom happy, these bath fizzies would be perfect.

Bath fizzies

These particular fizzies are homemade, and they don’t have any nasty ingredients. They would make a great gift to help mom relax.

Prismacolor pencils and a coloring book

Do you know a mom who’s into the new coloring fad. I love it! I’ve never been good at art because I can’t come up with an idea. But give me a beautiful coloring book, and I can stay inside the lines with the best of them. Coloring can be super relaxing- especially when I chill and listen to music or an audio book. Even if the mom you’re shopping for hasn’t tried it yet, give some Prismacolor pencils (yes the brand matters because these last longer) and a nice coloring book to get her started.

Adult coloring books
Colored penciles

A laptop skin

If mom loves her computer like I do, these laptop skins are beautiful. This particular one is for a Mac Air, but there are others to choose from.

Laptop skin

If you have a mom who works from her computer- as I do- or who just enjoys it quite a bit- as I do also!- this would make a perfect and inexpensive gift.

A Hydrogarden

A hydrogarden might be a little pricier as a gift, but if you have a few people who can get together to give a gift, this can be a great gift for a mom who wants fresh herbs or food but doesn’t have the yard space.


I would love to have a hydrogarden. I’ve never been particularly good at growing anything without killing it, and we’ve tried unsuccessfully to grow things in our yard. If you have a mom who has a green thumb- or even one without like me- a hydrogarden could be a great gift choice.

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