Learn More Than Good Handwriting With Homeschool Copywork (a Schoolhouse Crew Review)

When I first began using some of Charlotte Mason’s teaching methods in our homeschool, I had the idea that copywork was just about practicing handwriting. As I learned more, I quickly realized that copywork truly has so much more value. That’s why I was very excited to review a Lifetime Membership to Homeschool Copywork.

As I learned, copywork not only can help students practice good penmanship, it can also help students to become better readers, spellers, and writers- especially when the copywork is from good living books and introduces students to new material they may not have known before. The copywork choices I found from Homeschool Copywork fit this category. The pages aren’t designed with basic words that just offer handwriting practice, they have great information, poetry, Scripture, and more to offer kids as well.

Copywork for homeschoolers

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About Homeschool Copywork

Homeschool Copywork is an online subscription site. The copywork can be accessed from your computer and printed by you. There are some free resources on the site as well as the paid membership level. We received the Lifetime Membership which includes access to all of the copywork sets for all time.

The copywork on the site can be used for all ages of students from preschool through high school. Some of the copywork sets offer print and cursive versions. Some offer only print or only cursive. A variety of line sizes are also offered depending on the target age level of copywork set.

When you log into the site, you can see all of the active resources listed. I counted 56 resources currently listed. Most of these are copywork bundles, but there are a few notebooking sets also. These have pictures and blank lines for the student to write on. They’re great for using if you are studying that particular subject or theme and you want your child to write something of his or her own choosing or as you have assigned. Each listed resource gives a brief description of what is in the packet, including whether the copywork is in print or cursive and sometimes details about the type of writing lines used.

Homeschool curriculum

Besides seeing all of the active resources listed in one place, you can sort by grade level as well- Early Elementary (though I noted this included some preschool resources as well), Upper Elementary, and Junior High-High School. Within each division, you can find the resources primarily for that age with a brief description.


I found copywork resources of all kinds- science-based copywork about the human body, Biblically based copywork such as 1 Corinthians 13 copywork or Dragons of the Bible copywork, artists studies such as Claude Monet quotations, famous poetry such as works of Lewis Carroll or Emily Dickinson, history based copywork such as information about the Wright Brothers or John James Audubon, and much more.

Charlotte Mason copywork

What We Used

I chose two copywork packets to work on particularly during the review period. I was using the copywork with Ashlyne- age 12- and Rachel- age 10.

The Poems of Lewi Carroll– This set was considered to be for ages 6 and up. It includes quotes from Lewis Carroll’s poetry as well as some cute illustrations. At the beginning of the packet, there is a little biographical information about Lewis Carroll. This set has both print and cursive options, with different line sizes to choose for print.

Homeschool copywork

I chose this packet because we’ve read some of Carroll’s poetry as well as parts of Alice in Wonderland. Ashlyne and Rachel both liked the whimsical quotes and remembered reading some. Ashlyne and Rachel both did the print style, regular lines on this one.

Handwriting practice

Claude Monet Artist Study and Copywork– This set is also considered for ages 6 and up. It includes a brief biography of Monet and six quotes. The quotes are featured on pages that each have a Monet picture as well. There are print and cursive options.

Homeschool copywork

I chose this packet because I’m admittedly bad at including art appreciation in our curriculum, and I loved that I could include it along with copywork. I chose Monet because he is an artist we were familiar with but hadn’t studied in depth. Ashlyne chose to do cursive for this set and Rachel, print.

Handwriting practice

What We Thought

I love the variety of copywork offered. There were a good many things to choose from, and it seems as if more is added periodically. I like that the selection included topics from a variety of subjects because- as with our artist study- it’s always nice to “kill two birds with one stone.”

It was nice to have choices of print and cursive for many of the copywork packets. Although we have done some cursive, Ashlyne enjoys writing in cursive while Rachel positively hates it. It’s nice that the girls can use the same copywork but have the option of doing it in the way she writes best.

I also liked that there was other information offered- such as the biography of Lewis Carroll and the biography of Monet and the pictures from Monet presented. This, again, makes copywork about so much more than just handwriting.

My only real complaint about the site is the organization of resources. There are the age groupings, but these are three pretty broad groupings, and several resources fall into more than one group. I’d love to see some organization by topic so that I could search for copywork for a particular subject when I need it. Also, I’m a very visual person, and I would really love cover photos in the listings so that I could skim and look for topics that fit for us.

Other than the organization issue, we have really enjoyed our copywork. I can see this being a useful resource to come back to again and again, finding copywork to correspond with things we’re learning or to add to our learning, as with the artist studies.

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