Looking for a Plant-based Alternative to Emu Oil? (a Schoolhouse Crew Review)

It wasn’t long ago that I discovered emu oil. I was impressed with the things I found that it could do to help my skin. But I wasn’t sure I was thrilled with the source of the emu oil. And I have quite a few vegan friends who won’t use products like the emu oil because they are animal-based. So when we had the opportunity to try out GREEMU from Devonian, I was very interested. GREEMU is distributed by Koru Naturals, the awesome company that we reviewed for when I had the opportunity to try out emu oil and emu oil products for the first time.

Plant-based beauty oils

What is GREEMU?

GREEMU is plant based. It is mad of macadamia seed oil, organic palm oil, shea butter, sunflower seed oil and rice bran oil. It has been developed so that people who prefer not to use animal-based products can get the benefits of emu oil.

GREEMU matches the composition of emu oil. It was interesting to read some research and find out that scientists have used the plant products in GREEMU to fit the industry standard for emu oil. You can see a chart with comparisons and read some lengthier explanations on the Devonian site. I thought it was extremely interesting that scientists had been able to produce this oil.

Beauty oils

Why use GREEMU?

Like emu oil, GREEMU has properties that are good for hair and skin. Studies have found that it can help dry skin as well as help protect against wrinkles. It’s also been found to help with dry hair. In my experience with emu oil, I’ve found some of these things to be the case with it, and I was curious to know if the GREEMU lived up to claims to do the same.

How did I use GREEMU?

I decided to start with using the GREEMU on dry places that I have on my face and around my scalp. I’ve suffered from psoriasis for many years, and I often get dry and itchy patches on my face and around my hair edge. My skin is also very sensitive, and I have to be careful because sometimes even all natural products can irritate it.

I began putting the GREEMU on the dry patches. Per the directions on the bottle, it only takes a tiny drop. I would put a very small amount on my fingers, and that amount was plenty to rub in to several places.

Natural beauty

The directions also say that GREEMU is absorbed into the skin more slowly. This is another reason that you only need a very little.

The other place that I primarily used the GREEMU was on my neck. I have frequent break-outs of the psoriasis here that are often really itchy. I decided not to use it on my scalp, although information that came with the product indicated that it is good for hair. My hair tends to be very oily, and after seeing how oily the GREEMU was on my skin, I didn’t want to use it in my hair.

Does it work?

The GREEMU has been great for the dry patches on my face. In fact, I think it has worked better than the original emu oil I tried. I don’t put it on everyday because my face tends to get really oily in some places. I use it several days in a row, rubbing it on after washing my face at night, and then have a day or two without. If I ever wake up in the morning and wash my face and notice dry patches, I’ll rub some extra on then.

Plant-based emu oil

I’ve been impressed that it is fine with my sensitive skin. I haven’t had any problems with itching or breaking out because of it.

I didn’t notice as much with the itchy patches on my neck. The GREEMU certainly didn’t make things worse, and it did seem to help the “flakiness”, but it didn’t help with the itching.

Overall, I think it’s a great alternative to emu oil. And for me it worked even better in some ways. I would definitely recommend it to anyone concerned about animal-based products who wanted to find the same benefits for skin and hair with something plant-based.

 All natural oils for skin

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