Teaching Coding to Homeschoolers

I love hearing about successful former homeschoolers, so I’m excited to share this post about teaching coding to homeschoolers, submitted by a writer from SchoolingSOS– a homeschool resource site run by former homeschoolers:

As the Internet becomes more and more accessible, the number of Internet users reaches astronomical heights. Youngsters make up the lion’s share of these numbers. They’re also the most tech-savvy bunch, and they can’t imagine life without computers. Although they are quite comfortable running any kind of programs on their PCs or smartphones, they aren’t familiar with the many programming languages for which the PCs and smartphones operate the way they do.

Homeschoolers coding
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Learning computer programming can give youngsters valuable insight and technical knowledge behind the creation and operation of computer programs. Apart from that, knowledge of programming and software coding can give children a valuable advantage going into college for advanced studies on computer programming. Therefore, including computer coding in your homeschooling curriculum is a very prudent thing to do.

Benefits of Teaching Coding to Homeschoolers:

There are innumerable advantages to nudge students towards learning coding. For example, learning computer coding assists in the development of critical and logical thinking aptitudes. Students learn how to divide a problem into smaller, easily manageable steps. They also learn to accomplish a task by putting them through a logical sequence.

The importance of accurate communication also becomes clearer to them. High school students can add a new dimension to their career progressing opportunities by understanding and learning computer programming and coding.

Computer programming instills the values of resilience and patience. Programming requires a huge amount of fixing and tweaking to get the right results. Therefore, the children learn to persevere until they become successful.

Another benefit to teaching coding to homeschooling children is the immense possibilities that come with coding knowledge. Children are by nature attracted to flashy things. They also love games and animation. Learning coding enables doing both. Homeschoolers can even make their own apps and animations, which they will absolutely love and can even monetize.

Learning Coding:

Using a programming guide like Tynker or Codecademy can help homeschoolers who are interested to learn coding. Homeschooling is far from being reduced to “learning at home”. Homeschooling is timely education and all-out character development. For homeschooling children who are interested to progress on to formal high-level training on computer programming, something like Tynker can be of a great help. It is also helpful for others who aren’t looking for formal training on coding.

In addition to that, their countless Youtube channels providing tutorials for A-Z on any language.. All you need is a PC and a small software to code on. For example, to learn C++ you could use a free software called C-Free.

Coding knowledge can be successfully integrated into many creative ventures. In fact, coding can be so much fun that the children will not take it as a lesson, rather as a gift to their creativity. It can also give them freedom to chase their own passions. The added knowledge of computer coding will help them to become better creators and improve their artistic capacities.

Homeschooled students can use coding programming knowledge in many ways. After completing the initial coding lessons, they are able to use that knowledge in a number of creative projects. Here are some common ways that a student can use his programming knowledge gained from the curriculum.

~Making animations
~Making a game/app
~Making Software
~Developing websites

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Atif Qazi is the owner of SchoolingSOS and an Engineer by profession. He is a former homeschooler who has teamed up with like-minded people to spread his knowledge of this topic. You can follow his topics on Twitter @Schooling_SOS

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