Why Teach Young Children About Life From Conception to Birth- And a Beautiful Resource to Help

At some point in your child’s life, and often early on, will come the question- “Where do babies come from?” Depending on the age of the child, the answer to this question may be as simple as “from a mommy and daddy who love each other” to a more complex explanation. It’s always been our goal with our kids to give as complete an answer as the child needs, depending on age. We’ve also tried to use correct terminology, and we’ve been very deliberate about not acting embarrassed or flustered- just matter of fact.

Do young children really need details? I think so. Giving kids as much information as we need to for their age and giving correct information in a way that doesn’t communicate embarrassment or confusion creates a safe place for them to ask questions. And I always want them to feel free to ask questions because I would much rather they come to me with questions than to go to other sources where they may get incorrect information or information from a source with a different value system.

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I recently had the opportunity to review Wonderfully Made by Danika Cooley. This is a beautiful book for answering some of the basic questions about babies and their development. It doesn’t deal with the question of how conception happens, and it doesn’t get detailed about the birth process. But it covers the development of a baby from conception through birth in a way that provides correct, factual information with a distinctly Christian worldview. That makes it a perfect book to share with even young children when they begin to ask questions.

About Wonderfully Made: God’s Story of Life From Conception to Birth…

Wonderfully Made is written by Danika Cooley. You may recognize her name if you’ve heard of the Bible Road Trip curriculum or if you read my review of When Lightning Struck: The Story of Martin Luther. She is the author of those two resources and most recently the author of Wonderfully Made.

The book is a beautiful picture book. The story is told as a mom talking to her child about her development before birth. The story begins with conception but doesn’t give detail about how that happens. Scripture and God’s plan for each of us is woven seamlessly throughout the story, leaving no doubt in the child’s mind that we are specially and wonderfully created by God.

As the mother in the story describes the baby’s development, she uses correct terminology, but she also relates the baby’s development to things the child can understand, such as comparing a ten week developed baby to the size of a plum. As she’s describing the scientific part of the baby’s development, she’s also telling about how she and the father felt at each stage of pregnancy and how much they have loved this child from conception.

Using Wonderfully Made to answer your child’s questions…

Wonderfully Made is a beautiful resource to help you answer your child’s questions when they begin to ask. Although my children are older and have all had at least the basics of “the talk” I realized as I read this book with my younger girls that we’ve never talked in detail about a baby’s development before birth. My older children remember it from when I was pregnant with the younger set. But my younger girls are close in age and don’t remember me every being pregnant. Reading the book gave us the opportunity to talk about baby development in a more detailed way.

Another great jumping off point for us was the discussion of abortion. My girls have heard that term and understand the basics of what it means. As we read and they saw the baby’s development, they were stunned to think about what it would mean to abort that baby. They asked many questions, and we had some great discussion.

It would be easy to use Wonderfully Made with very young children as a gentle description of baby development and a sweet story of a mom and dad’s love. But it’s also great as a jumping off point for deeper discussion for older children.

And the best part…

My favorite thing about Wonderfully Made is the Scripture that is ever present. Every page spread has a Bible verse about God’s incredible and awesome plan for the development of each tiny baby from conception to birth. It’s a wonderful reminder even for me as an adult that God has a plan for me and that He specially designed me for that plan.

The last page spread in the book tells kids how they can be reborn as a part of God’s family. The plan of salvation is presented clearly and simply- another great place for jumping off for deeper discussion if kids are ready.

Find out more…

You can learn more about author Danika Cooley here. And you can find more information about Wonderfully Made here.

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