Adult Coloring Pages Round Up: A Collection of Stress-Relieving, Coloring Resources for the Homeschool Mom

I will confess that I’ve been quite swept into the new adult coloring fad. It wasn’t my fault really. I only have my husband to blame. Last summer when we were headed to the beach for our vacation, I took the kids to the book store to pick out an activity book or kit. It’s a family tradition to do this because it gives the kids something fun to do if they happen to be stuck inside the house one day. As the kids were looking around to pick out their books, Jason picked up a Celtic mandala coloring book to show me. He suggested I would enjoy it in the evenings because there isn’t very good internet connection at the vacation house. The rest is history.

I quickly discovered that these coloring books were the perfect outlet for stress relief. I’ve never been an extremely creative person. But I realized that the adult coloring books were perfect because I like to color inside the lines.

Adult coloring pages

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You see, my problem is not that I have no creativity. My problem is that I don’t do well with a blank slate. I can’t think up an amazing crafty project. But, give me a beautiful pre-drawn picture, and I can do an excellent job coloring it in.

Coloring has become a perfect way for me to relax during the day. I often listen to an audiobook while I color and unwind. I’m convinced that all moms need something that gives us a breather and a time to relax during the day. Coloring provides that for me.

If you’re already an adult coloring fan, these links will give you some resources to feed your addiction. If you’re not convinced yet, check out some of these resources and find out if coloring can be your passion as well.

Website resources for coloring…

Nerdy Mama has 11 free printable pages that are really well done.

The mandala sheets are my favorites. The Maven Circle has twenty free mandala pages to print.

I love the Bible verses and inspirational sayings made into coloring pages as well. Karisse Joy has a free page with a saying (and links to a few others).

I love the twelve free pages at Egle Art and Design– especially the feather page!

I love it when I can find something useful to color like these bookmarks from Dawn Nicole Designs.

I wasn’t at all surprised to read that coloring can help with managing chronic pain. I often feel less fibromyalgia pain when I’m engrossed in coloring. These free pages from Coloring Pages Bliss are specifically designed for pain management.

Coloring Pages for Adults is an awesome free site full of printable pages to color.

The Craftsy Blog has more cute sayings to color.

Sometimes I really like the pages with abstract designs instead of a picture. Frugal MomEh has a collection of forty free abstract coloring pages to print.

If you want to design your own coloring sheets, try this mandala maker. It is a little hard to get the swing of, but you can make some cool pictures.

If you’re looking for what to do with all of those coloring pages, I love this idea, and it would make a great gift. You can find eleven more crafty ideas for using your pages here.

Great coloring books…

There are a huge variety of coloring books to choose from if you would rather purchase a book than print random pages. I have about ten books currently. (Yes, I mentioned I had an addiction.)

Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book– The hidden picture books are lots of fun. They have the beautiful pictures you can color, but as a bonus, pictures are hidden inside.

Color book

Creative Haven Dream Doodles– I love the Creative Haven coloring books. They are very inexpensive but not very thick. They have a large variety. Dream Doodles has hidden pictures in the midst of just doodled pages with no particular pictures.

Adult color book

Mandala Coloring Book for Stress Relief- I also really like the classic mandala pictures. They often have tons of detail and small spaces to color. I’m working on one now that has already taken several days.

Mandala color book

Kaleidoscope Wonders: Color Art for Everyone- This is another book with beautiful pictures and tons of detail

Adult color book

My very favorite coloring resource right now is my Inspire coloring Bible. I’ve looked at the journaling Bibles for some time, but I didn’t really want the open spaces to draw in. When the Inspire Bible (and others like it) came out with beautiful coloring pages and writing spaces in the margins, I ordered one immediately. I’m using it for my daily Bible reading and coloring in it for a time each day that I can make time.

Creative coloring Bible 

Coloring supplies…

Just as the coloring books themselves are varied, so are the coloring supplies. It seems everyone has a favorite way to color.

Prismacolor pencils are my favorite way to color. They tend to hold up better without breaking, and they make some really thin ones for getting into detailed places.

If you want pencils that are less costly than Prismacolor but still good quality, try the Ohuhu pencils.

I love this Yosoo case for carrying pencils. (Although I admit I will soon need more than 72 slots!)

If you’d rather not use pencils, these Color Technik gel pens would make a great coloring tool.

I’ve seen some colorers like using markers like this Sargent art set for their work. (I would always test the markers for bleed through!)

Hopefully these resources will inspire you to try coloring as a stress reliever. If you already color and have other favorite resources, share them in the comments.

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