Children Learn More About God While Being Creative

Graham Blanchard is a publishing company that creates books that help parents teach young children about God. I’ve loved reviewing several of their books in the past, and I was excited to see their first coloring/activity book come about recently. I’ve had the opportunity to preview the book, and as I’m sharing about it in this post.

Teach young children about God

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Graham Blanchard

Graham Blanchard is a publishing company founded by Callie Grant. The vision of the company is to provide books to read with your children to help teach them about God.

The books from Graham Blanchard are divided into three categories. Learn books help children learn more about God. Absorb books encourage children to make connections with God on a personal level. Praise books encourage children to remember and praise God in everything. The company has recently provided an awesome scope and sequence chart so that you can easily see what concepts are covered in each of their books.

One thing that I particularly have appreciated about the company as I’ve learned more about them is that they provide a wealth of resources for parents. From Mom Mentors to a prayer wall to a free book- Spiritual Parenting in the First Five Years– they do an excellent job of providing resources that can help parents to be able to talk to young children about God.

Jesus Inspires Me

Jesus Inspires Me is the first coloring/activity book produced by the company. This book falls into the Absorb category of books.

Jesus Inspires Me takes the popular children’s faces that make up the covers of many of the Graham Blanchard books and gives them the title of Soul Mates. Throughout the book, four of them are introduced- Silas, Miriam, Seth, and Priscilla. Named after Bible characters, each of the Soul Mates tells about the Bible character that is hi namesake and “introduces” him or herself.

The book is a combination of coloring space and simple activities such as drawing, a maze, a secret code, and more. Each of the coloring pictures has a Bible verse or a spiritual concept.

Biblical parenting

The book is intended for ages 4-7, according to the website. I think a few 4 year olds would struggle with some of the more detailed coloring pages, and with some of the activities- especially the secret code activity. But because these books are meant to be a tool for parents to use for conversation about God, little ones could complete the activities with a parent’s help.

As with the other Graham Blanchard books that I’ve reviewed, I was impressed with Jesus Inspires Me. I love that this is a fun activity and coloring book but that it also gives an excellent jumping off point for some Biblical discussions between parents and young children.

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