Learn More From the Summer Olympics With Unit Study Resources

This summer, Brazil is hosting the summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. We love watching summer Olympics even more than the winter Olympics- primarily because of gymnastics.

If you’re a homeschool mom who can make everything into a learning experience or if you’re the parent of a traditional school student who wants to keep learning going on all summer, it’s fun to find ways to study the Olympics and learn more about topics surrounding the event.

Here are several topics that you could study, using the Olympic Games as a jumping off point, and a round up of resources to help you study each.

Summer olympics unit study

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Learn about the summer Olympics.

~Check out the official Rio de Janeiro summer Olympics site to stay up to date on when things are going to happen and who is winning medals.

~These videos from NBC Learn show scientific connections to different summer Olympic sports and athletes.

~In this Science 360 video, you can learn the science of Olympic time-keeping.

~Let students go on a math Web Quest, researching the summer Olympics and answering math questions.

~Amanda Bennet has a Summer Games 2016 downloadable unit study that will guide kids through learning all about the games.

Learn about Brazil.

~National Geographic Kids has a quick profile of Brazil.

~Kids’ World Travel Guide has information about the geography and culture of Brazil as well as some information about the games held there this summer.

~The School Run has this great page with information, fun facts, pictures, and a video tour of Brazil.

~Find a free Brazil lapbook at Homeschool Share.

Learn about the history of the Olympics.

~On this site, you can find information about past games all the way back to 1896.

~ A Journey Through Learning has a great lapbook study guide for learning about the ancient Olympics.

~This page from History.com has a wealth of information about the ancient Olympics, the decline of the games, and the history of our modern Olympic Games.

~BBC has an interactive page for kids with activities, information, and printables related to the history of the Olympics.

Learn about ancient Greece.

~History for Kids has a great page with information about ancient Greek culture.

~ National Geographic Kids has this page with ten facts about ancient Greece as well as information about Greece’s geography and culture today.

~BBC Bitesize has information about ancient Greece and an interactive map kids can click for fun learning.

~This ancient Greece playlist on YouTube has many videos kids can watch to learn more about ancient Greece.

~Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus has a great free lapbook about Ancient Greece.

General Olympics resource sites…

~Scholastic has a great site with a history of the games as well as links to information about modern games. They also offer quite a few great free printables.

~Activity Village has information about ancient and modern Olympic Games as well as free printables and activity suggestions.

~Fact Monster has a fun facts list about the Olympics.

~Real Simple has some great ideas for hosting your own summer Olympics Games.

Olympics books

Olympics Booklist

Using some of these resources, you can keep learning happening all summer long, and you can enjoy the Olympics with the whole family.
Do you have a favorite Olympics learning resource? Let me know in the comments.

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