4 Great Podcasts That Homeschoolers Shouldn't Miss

Talk radio. At one time it was all the rage. (I’m probably dating myself horribly.) I hated it. I’ll be blatantly honest here. Friends or family would ask: “Have you heard that new talk radio guy? He is so interesting to listen to.” And I would think, “Really?!” Because, to be honest, sitting and listening to people talk, often rambling on to get across their position or their opinion, just didn’t stir my soul the way it seemed to for others.

Fast forward a few decades. Talk radio is out. Podcasts are in. And when podcasts first begin their rise in popularity, I fully expected to dislike them as much as I had talk radio. In fact, I put up a pretty good resistance and didn’t really begin to test the podcast waters until a few years ago. But when I worked up the nerve to actually listen to a few podcasts, I discovered that I really enjoyed some of them.

Homeschool podcasts

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What I’ve found is that podcasters are pretty niche specific. With talk radio- at least most of what I listened to- presenters seemed to have a general area of “expertise.” Parenting, politics, business- these were broad topics. And even if one of them actually happened to hit on something that resonated with me once in a while, more of what they were saying just didn’t. But podcasts are cropping up everywhere for very specific niches. And this, I think, is what makes them much more enjoyable.

I’ve also found that listening to podcasts can be great for multitasking. Driving alone in the car to pick up kids, cleaning the kitchen at night, folding clothes- all of these are rather routine and monotonous. But I can play a good podcast and enjoy my time during these needful but not very fun tasks.

I’m still pretty picky about my podcasts. There have been several I listened to for a few episodes and then deleted from my podcast app. But a few have hung on, and I’ve become a regular listener. These four podcasts have been ones I’ve not only enjoyed but that have taught, encouraged, or inspired me- sometimes all at once.

Homeschooling In Real Life

Andy (Fletch) and Kendra Fletcher are homeschooling parents of eight children. Homeschooling IRL is a nitty gritty podcast that handles some of those topics that arise for many homeschooling parents but that are difficult to talk about. Fletch and Kendra sometimes host guests and sometimes just discuss together the current topic. Some of the podcast episodes are done as answers to listeners questions or in response to a current homeschooling topic or concern. Episodes are posted once a week. You can learn more about the podcast here and subscribe on iTunes here.

You may recognize Kendra Fletcher’s name from the site Preschoolers and Peace. She’s the author of several books, including Circle Time which I reviewed a few years ago.

Read Aloud Revival

The Read Aloud Revival from Sarah Mackenzie is one of the first podcasts I fell in love with. I love all things reading, and Sarah has some great guests that talk about reading and about sparking a love for reading in your children. The theme of the podcast is “helping you build your family culture around books” and the amazing interviews and other great resources Sarah has do just that. Read Aloud Revival has its own site as well as a membership section that offers additional benefits and gives you even more resources for establishing a love of reading in your family.

Sarah Mackenzie is also the author of an excellent book- Teaching From Rest. I’ve reviewed it here. I also had the opportunity to interview Sarah last year. You can find that interview here.

The Arts of Language Podcast from IEW

I’ve posted at length in some of my reviews for materials for IEW how I resisted the program at first. I was sure it was too good to be true. When I first had the opportunity to review IEW materials, though, I was hooked. I also became a Dr. Pudewa stalker follower. I looked for opportunities to hear him teach and talk in various seminars. (And, thankfully, the website has a few free talks by Dr. Pudewa.) I discovered the IEW had its own podcast- The Arts of Language. The podcast is a conversation between the facilitator and Dr. Pudewa. They cover a wide variety of topics relating to reading, writing, and speaking. You can find podcast information on the IEW site here.

My most recent IEW review was for the awesome poetry memorization curriculum. You can find that review here.

Flourish at Home

Mary Jo Tate is the author of Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms, an excellent book that I’ve enjoyed and reviewed. The Flourish at Home podcast is an extension of Mary Jo’s teaching to homeschool moms about breaking out of the overwhelmed and frustrated cycles that we so often get into and really flourishing in life. The podcast isn’t currently publishing, but don’t let that stop you from heading into its archives to listen to a variety of topics from organization to co-ops to multitasking. Mary Jo is an excellent teacher and really does encourage moms to find peace and flourish. You can find out more about the podcast here.

So, there you are- four podcasts that rose above my prejudices against talk radio and made me believe in the power of podcasting. Do you have any favorite homeschool podcasts? I’d love for you to leave me a comment sharing them.

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