94 Feet: An Inspirational Drama DVD From FishFlix.com

It’s hard, in our current culture, to help our families make good choices about the television, YouTube clips, and movies we’re consuming. With DVDs, streaming content, YouTube, and video downloads easily available, we’re constantly bombarded with things to watch.

I’m always on the lookout for resources that can help me to find visual content that is good for the family to watch- content that is family-friendly and that fits with our Christian worldview. I was pleased to discover FishFlix.com last year with the Schoolhouse Review Crew. I’ve had the opportunity to do several reviews for FishFlix.com. My most recent review was of the movie Woodlawn. A few weeks ago I received another DVD from FishFlix.com- 94 Feet.
Family-friendly DVD review

About FishFlix.com

FishFlix.com is an online site associated with a family owned company whose goal is to have a huge selection of family-friendly DVDs. The site has thousands of high quality DVDs available at good prices. The DVDs include documentaries, educational films, and family-friendly movies. There are also some movies available as Blu-rays. 
I love that the site tries to keep family-friendly entertainment affordable with low prices, including an $3.99 and under section and a $5 DVD section. It’s easy to find good movies and educational films that are affordable.

About 94 Feet

We received the DVD of 94 Feet. The movie is an inspirational drama that is set in a small mining town. It is currently priced at $10.99 on the site.
The story is centered around a group of miners in a small mining town and their families. The mine is not doing well financially, and there are layoffs of miners. Because the small town is supported primarily by the mining industry, the whole town struggles with the layoffs. When the mine foreman decides to leave to find a better job and opportunities for his family, many in the town respond in anger.
On the last day for the laid off miners and the foreman who is leaving by choice, an explosion in the mine causes miners to be trapped below. As the townspeople struggle to get to them and family members worry, the town rallies together and the anger and bad feelings are forgotten. Miners and family members have spiritual awakenings throughout the tragedy, so the incident leads to good things coming out of a tragic situation.
The story is totally fictional. It’s not based on an actual event. I offer this disclaimer because I know movies that have been based on actual mining disasters. But this one is fictional.

My thoughts

I love FishFlix.com. It’s a great resource for families who are looking for movies that are safe for the family to watch. I love the variety of DVDs that are available.
The movie…I wasn’t really impressed with. Although the premise of the movie is a good one- God is in control and can bring good things and spiritual awakening through a disaster- the actual acting and story line wasn’t very good. 
The story often seemed choppy and unbelievable. For instance, one of the men who worked at the mine had a fear of going in because of an incident that had happened ten or so years earlier. Because of this he worked in an office and hadn’t been in the mine in all that time. He just happened to decide to go into the mine the day of the accident. In another scene, the miners are trapped and running out of air. It is stressed that their oxygen is almost gone and you can see them in the mine struggling to breathe. When they are rescued, however, one of the miners comes out barely able to walk and on oxygen while another runs out of the mine and to his family. These unbelievable events – and others like this- made the movie seem sort of corny instead of the drama that was intended.
Although there is a good message in the movie, you may not want to let little ones watch it. There are some intense moments when the miners are trapped. And – without giving too many spoilers- there is injury and death in the storyline.

Review of 94 Feet, a family-friendly DVD

If you’re looking for a great variety of family-friendly DVDs, check out FishFlix.com. Even though 94 Feet wasn’t my favorite, there are many other great choices there.

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