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Hi, I’m Leah, and I’m a homeschooling mom who’s a horrible homemaker.

I was a young mom with a preschooler and a toddler. We had a sweet little family with a sweet little house. We were doing okay on this whole parenting thing- most days. We knew we were going to homeschool these children- and any siblings- as they got older. I seemed to have this whole mother/wife/homemaker thing down. But I had a problem. I was extremely incapable when it came to meal planning and cooking.

One night, evening came and supper time rolled around. I was outside, watching my preschooler play. I looked at down at her and said, “We need to get ready for supper.” Without a word and without missing a beat, she ran off down the driveway to the van. Because we usually got in the van when it was supper time. Because we usually ate out.

Homemaking Help

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The Quest to Be a Better Homemaker

This little episode in our family life further opened my eyes to something I already knew was a problem. I knew that eating out all the time wasn’t good. It wasn’t good for our bodies or for our budget. And I knew that I had to learn more about this whole homemaking thing so that I could better care for my family.

I entered marriage with very little knowledge about homemaking in general. I’m a born organizer, so that helped me to at least be able to keep our house in order. But I had no clue about housekeeping tasks- other than basic picking up and wiping down. And I really struggled with meal planning and cooking. My idea of a home-cooked meal involved something out of a box that I at least had to add water to or something out of the freezer that involved cooking. Thankfully my husband knew more, and I began to learn little by little.

Over the years, I was blessed to find mentors in real life and online that enabled me to learn more about keeping a home- deep cleaning, cleaning schedules, meal planning, important nutrition. I’d love to be able to tell you that today I’m an excellent homemaker who always has a spotless house with all of my mini blinds clean and my light fixtures dusted. I’d love to tell you that I cook healthy, nutritious meals from scratch. I would love to be able to tell you those things. But I really can’t. I’m still a work in process.

I could write a whole post about the importance of being a godly mother/wife/homemaker (or even a whole series), but I’ll save that for later. I’ll just emphasize that I do think it’s important to cultivate homemaking skills and learn to care for our families better. There have been several resources over the years- early in my homemaking learning and more recently- that have guided me along this path of learning how to be a better homemaker. If you sometimes feel as if your homemaking skills are less than perfect, My Friend, I hope that these resources teach and encourage you as well.


One of the first and greatest resources I found as a young mom were blogs from moms who were a little farther on their journey or who had more knowledge than I had. I didn’t turn to the big name homemaking blogs. I was too intimidated by most of them. Instead, I turned to blogs where ordinary moms were blogging about their homemaking in order to help and encourage other moms.

Some of the blogs I read in those early years aren’t even around anymore. But a few have remained, and I’ve found others that are great as well.

Homemaking Organized– Kemi at Homemaking Organized is a fellow Review Crew blogger. She has a great homemaking blog with resources for cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, and working at home. She also has some great free printables.

I’m an Organizing Junkie- If you need help getting yourself organized, you’ll find all kinds of resources here. There is a Start Here section that will guide you through beginning your journey to being organized. This is also the home of Menu Plan Monday- which often has helped me with meal planning. You’ll find freebies and storage solutions for every room of the house here as well.

100 Days of Real Food- I’ll be honest here. We do not eat clean, real food all of the time. We don’t even eat that way most of the time. But we try. And we’re better than we were. This blog has some good tips on getting started, along with lots of free meal plans and recipe suggestions.

Money Saving Mom– Crystal Paine shares all kinds of money saving ideas relating to taking care of our homes and feeding our families. She has a great coupon database. And I love the freezer recipes section.


I love to read. So it was natural for me to look to book for advice in becoming a better homemaker. I’ve read many, many homemaking books, cookbooks, and organizing books over the years. A few have really stood out and are ones I’ve gone back to again and again.
A Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George- Okay, this book isn’t really a homemaking book. However, it- like other books by Elizabeth George- encourages women in the high calling that being a wife, a mother, a homemaker truly is.

Organized Simplicity: The Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living by Tsh Oxenreider- In Organized Simplicity, Tsh sets up the “why” behind living simply. She then guides readers through ten days to living simply and clutter-free.

The Moms’ Guide to Meal Makeovers: Improving the Way Your Family Eats, One Meal at a Time! – I first found the Meal Makeover Moms from their blog. They have some great resources for changing how you feed your family. In this book, they take popular kid favorites and make healthy alternatives.

Homemaking Help

Meal Planning Helps

Build-a-Menu- If you aren’t sure how to get started with menu planning, Build-a-Menu can help. With this system, you can choose from the recipes offered to build your own menu. There are choices for breakfast as well as specialty ideas like gluten free recipes, large family recipes, kid-friendly recipes. You can also sign up for pre-made menu plans you can received weekly.

MyFreezEasy- This meal planning resources has been a life-saver for me. I loved the idea of freezer meals, but I’ve never wanted to do the whole cook all day long for meals for a month thing. With MyFreezEasy you choose five recipes at a time. You can select the number of people you’re cooking for, and the program gives you a complete shopping list, recipes, and instructions for cooking two of each meal. Instructions include detailed information about how to prep your food, freeze it, and cook it later. I can get ten meals ready in about an hour and a half. It’s awesome!

Other Resources

A Homemaking Notebook– Years ago, when I was a young wife and mom scouring the internet for ideas and suggestions to help me be a better homemaker, I found an awesome homemaking binder download on a mom blog. I loved it. I printed it. And I learned how to schedule my cleaning, my meal planning, and my grocery trips. That blog has changed, and the binder is no longer there.But I’ve created a similar resource that you can find in the As We Walk Along the Road Shop.

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