All About Weather Unit Study

The weather in my neck of the woods has been pretty consistent lately. It’s hot Really hot. I live in the South, and we really only have two seasons here- hot and cold. There doesn’t seem to be much in between. And we don’t have much of a variety in our weather.

Learn about all kinds of #weather with these #unitstudy resources. #AsWeWalk #homeschooling
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But it’s fun to learn about weather with kids. Storms, air currents, clouds, cold and warm fronts- there’s lots to learn. A weather unit can be adapted for all ages because you can dip into the science of weather for little ones or study in more deeply with older kids.
If you’re looking for ways to learn about the weather with your kids, here are some ideas for books and activities that will allow you to create your own unit study about weather. (If you’re not sure how to create a unit study, this post has a step-by-step guide and a free planner.)

Books About Weather

The Storm Book by Charlotte Zolotow (preschool and early elementary)

Weather Related Activities

~Use cotton balls to make the different types of clouds in this activity from I Heart Crafty Things.
~This art activity from Buggy and Buddy would be a fun one to do after reading about thunderstorms.
~Learn about convection currents and thunderstorms with this science activity from Learn, Play, Imagine.
~Young kids will enjoy this Weather Bingo from Gift of Curiosity. (It’s a free printable.)
~Play this free What’s the Weather? printable game from Playdough to Plato.
~This cute weather sticker activity from In the Playroom has kids sorting weather by season and keeping track of current weather.
~Get active by trying these weather related yoga poses for kids.
~Watch this video to learn about weather and climate.
~This weather chart from Crafting Chicks will help kids identify the day’s weather.
~ Have the kids make flip books like these as they learn about different types of weather.

Learn about all kinds of #weather with these #unitstudy resources. #AsWeWalk #homeschooling

More Resources

~123 Homeschool 4 Me has an awesome free printables pack all about weather for early elementary.
~At the Weather Wiz Kids website, kids can learn about all kinds of weather (and natural disasters), play games, and do weather related experiments.
~The interactive weather maker from Scholastic lets kids control the weather.
~A Journey Through Learning has an awesome Express lapbook all about weather. Express means you can complete it in a day or two. A Journey Through Learning includes everything you need to complete the lapbook in your download. (This one isn’t free.)
~ Homeschool Share has a free weather lapbook for little ones. It’s all about weather words and is based off of the Gail Gibbons book about weather words that I linked above.
~If you want a unit study that is already created for you, check out the Weather on the Move unit study from Homeschool Legacy. It’s a Once-a-Week study, so you can use it as a supplement with your regular curricula. (This one isn’t free.)
Whether you’re from an area with very static weather patterns or you live somewhere that has ever-changing weather, it’s fun to teach kids about the weather. Don’t forget that you can pick up your free guide to create your own unit study with these weather resources.

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