Family Vacation Moments That Never Made it to Facebook

As summer wraps up and the new school year draws nigh, it’s time. Time to witness everyone’s summer vacation photos on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (and any other social media outlet that they could possibly be posted on). Smiling faces, beautiful children, white, sandy beaches, Disney princess- I think I’ve seen them all this summer.

But what about those of us who don’t have the perfect vacations? We look at the Facebook pictures in awe and amazement. And then of vacations we’ve had that weren’t so Facebook worthy. If you’ve had those kinds of vacations as well, I don’t think we’re alone. I’m pretty sure that behind that adorable little girl who was hugging Snow White with a beatific smile on her face was a screaming banshee who five minutes earlier had been throwing a tantrum because her parents wouldn’t buy her ice cream.

I originally wrote this post a couple of years ago because I think there are many of us who have less than perfect vacation moments.

Ever had those moments when a #family #vacation just doesn't go as planned? So have I. Here are a few family vacation moments that never made it to Facebook. #vacationpictures
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It’s that time of year- summer vacations. It’s time for the beach, the mountains, Disney World. Don’t you just love looking at other people’s vacation pictures on Facebook. Me either.
There are all these beautiful pictures of smiling, happy kids in exotic locations. They are accompanied by statuses such as: “Spending another day snorkeling here in the Caribbean. Tomorrow the cruise ship is headed to the Bahamas.” Of course I’ve never been guilty of posting those bragging vacation statuses on Facebook. Okay maybe occasionally. But the truth is, many of our vacations aren’t so perfect. 
So, here’s to some of those vacation moments that didn’t make it to Facebook.

Whiny Kids, Whiny Mom

For instance, there was the trip to visit my mom about 3 hours away. We ended up driving late into the night, and we were all close to melt down. I’m ashamed to say that I was one of the first to actually reach melt down status when I lost it over kids complaining about the need to have a drink and go to the bathroom. I’m not exactly sure what all was said, but I’m pretty sure that there were some threats made. And I know it wasn’t one of my finer moments.

Night-Drive Home

Then there was the beach trip when Jason and I had the foolish idea that if we left at night to go home, the kids would all sleep the whole way. So we ate supper; then we stopped at a rest area and did a whole bedtime routine. Yes, my friends, it was pjs and potty and water and teeth brushed- even a bedtime story.
Unfortunately no one gave the kids the memo about sleeping. They stayed awake for the next four hours. We had to stop repeatedly to go to the bathroom in dark gas station bathrooms. And because it was so late, everybody was whiny and crabby. When we were about 45 minutes from home, they started to fall asleep. About 15 minutes away from home, child 4 finally fell asleep.  I took great pleasure in waking them up when we pulled in the driveway.

Extra Family Time

There was the year that we decided to go early to the beach and have a little extra family time. (We typically spend our beach week in a house with Jason’s family) I got a really good deal on a hotel room in one of these beach front hotels with a water park. Of course we only needed one room with two double beds (the smallest double beds I’ve ever seen by the way.) The kids were younger, and we could all snuggle up.
We ended up stuffed into the smallest hotel room I’ve even seen. Jason and I were in one bed, Ashlyne and Rachel in a bed, and Charles and Kathryne on air mattresses on the floor. The air mattresses were literally wedged in between the beds and walls.
The mold in the air- we were in an interior room with a balcony over the pools- stirred up Charles’s asthma, and he began to cough. Kathryne freaked out because she couldn’t go to sleep with Charles coughing- she’s my “must be quiet to sleep at night” child. I ended up walking Charles out of the room, and we discovered that as long as we were outside he could breathe. I walked the beach with Charles until 4am, until I was so tired I couldn’t stand.
At that point I had the bright idea that I should have had sooner. I took him back upstairs, propped him in a chair on the balcony, and laid down on the concrete balcony floor where I proceeded to fall asleep.
I wasn’t taking any warm and fuzzy pictures then, let me assure you.

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I could continue with vacations where people got sick, vacations where we fought and argued, vacations where relationships were strained. But we don’t post pictures of those.
The fact is that no vacations are perfect. In the long run, we remember those things that went wrong. We still laugh about the melt down on the way to Grandmama’s. The kids think it is hysterical that we actually expected them to sleep that night on the way home from the beach. And Charles and I will never forget our night together walking the beach at 4am.
I’ll probably still post cute and exciting vacation pictures this summer. But when you see my page, take it with a grain of salt. Know that somewhere outside of the camera’s view, there’s probably something unplanned happening. But know, also, that even if my vacation isn’t perfect, it’s with the people I love most. So that makes it pretty good.

Ever had those moments when a #family #vacation just doesn't go as planned? So have I. Here are a few family vacation moments that never made it to Facebook. #vacationpictures

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