FlipStir Puzzles: A New Kind of Puzzle That's Fun for the Whole Family (A Schoolhouse Crew Review)

Most of our family enjoy puzzles and board games. I say most because some- like me- get really annoyed with puzzles when I can’t figure them out. And sometimes a fun board game can turn into a teensy weensy battle when people become too competitive. But I digress. Usually puzzles and board games are fun for our family.

FlipStir puzzles from Enlivenze LLC

We were recently able to try a new kind of puzzle through a Crew review. We’ve been playing with the Flipster puzzle – Statue of Liberty- from Enlivenze LLC. I’ll freely admit that I have yet to actually succeed with this puzzle. But, several of the family have figured it out.

What is it?

Enlivenze LLC is a company who’s invented a brand new, unique kind of puzzle for the whole family. The Flipster puzzles are vertical images that are completely enclosed in a plastic tube. The pieces of the image are jumbled up, and there is a stick or wand that is also enclosed in the center of the tube.

Flipstir puzzles

There are two levels of puzzles. Both levels have ten pieces that make up the puzzle. The Level One puzzle pieces have straight edges. And the pictures are a little easier to define. The Level Two puzzles pieces have wavy edges, and the pictures are a little more complex.

Currently there are four FlipStir puzzles available:

  • Rainbow Pencils (Level One)
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex (Level One)
  • Statue of Liberty (Level Two)
  • Solar System (Level Two)

How does it work?

The puzzle is worked by using the wand to move the pieces within the tube to form the image. With some manipulating, the pieces inside the tube will line up, and the image will be revealed.

Solving the flipstir puzzle

The trick is to figure out the best way to manipulate the pieces so that they can be lined up in order without disturbing the other pieces you’ve already gotten in order. I will admit that there was also some shaking going on as people tried to get the pieces to line up.

Review of the FlipStir puzzles

What did we think?

I was the first one to open the package when the puzzle arrived, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I was stumped. My first thought was, “These people are crazy. There’s no way this can be solved!” I jiggled it a little and then put it away before I had a mental breakdown. I was a little worried that I was going to have to write a review that said the FlipStir puzzles were impossible to solve.

That night, however, my fears were allayed. One of the kids showed up in my room with the completed puzzle! My first response: “How did you do that?!” Other kids followed and three of the four put it together. (To be fair the fourth never picked it up. She is a little perfectionist sometimes and was afraid to try because she didn’t think she could solve it.)

After I looked at it longer, I could see that solving it was possible if you could manipulate the wand well. I actually came close to solving it but didn’t have time to keep working, and when I came back to it, it was messed up.

Despite the fact that I myself never actually solved the puzzle, there were several things that all of us liked about it.

  • It’s unique. I’ve never seen another puzzle like it. It’s much different than your traditional put the pieces together on a flat picture puzzle.
  • The pieces stay together. So many times- more than I can count- I’ve had to throw puzzles away after we’ve had them for a while because there are pieces missing. (Don’t you just hate to get almost all of a puzzle put together…and then be missing a piece or two.) We cannot lose these pieces because they’re permanently in the tube.
  • It really is something the whole family can use. Now, I have children who are 11 and up. I think little ones could get pretty frustrated with the FlipStir puzzles. Our Statue of Liberty puzzle says it’s recommended for ages 7 and up. But I think a 7 year old might be a little overwhelmed. Perhaps the Level One puzzles would be a little easier.
  • It’s a portable, fun activity that isn’t a screen. Normally when we have to wait somewhere, phones or iPods come out immediately. The FlipStir puzzles are a good alternative. They’re easy to take along and use while you’re having to wait somewhere.

Flipstir puzzles from Enlivenze LLC

We’ve really enjoyed our FlipStir puzzle. I think it would be fun to try others.

Other Review Crew members reviewed this and the other FlipStir puzzles. You can see what they thought below.

FlipStir Puzzles Reviews

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