I'm Going to Miss This Sometimes

Kids growing up: It’s something I think about often these days. You see, I have a high school senior this year. I can’t believe it. I think it was yesterday I was sitting her and her younger brother down for “Gather at the table time” to learn letters and numbers. Last week I was visiting a college with her.

There are many things I think I’ll miss when this homeschooling ride is over. I wrote the post below several years ago. Now my youngest child is entering middle school, and the days of all of doing school together at home are surely numbered.

I’ll miss some things. I’m sure I’ll be glad about some things as well- free time to finally eat those bonbons I’ve been trying to eat all these years. But I’ll also miss times sitting around the kitchen table with kids working on projects while the dog lays under the table just enjoying being with us.

Spending time with the kids has been a blessing. It’s one I never take for granted. I’m sure I’m going to miss this…sometimes.


I was in the middle of a conversation with some homeschooling moms the other day when I suddenly found myself overcome with the thoughts of what my life will be like when my children are not school-aged.  I tried to just keep going with the conversation, but later I came back to it in my mind.

Homeschooled kids grow up

We were discussing home improvements. I was talking about some things I wished we could do to our house. One of those is I would really like to put laminate down in the front room- made to be a formal living room/dining room but currently used as our schoolroom/pantry/dining room/library. We have an awful lot stuffed into this little room, so putting down laminate- besides being a cost to consider- would involve some major moving of furniture. I made the observation that when my kids were grown and I quit homeschooling I could clean all of the school stuff out, and we could redo the room.

And then it hit me. One day this homeschooling ride will be over.

Homeschoolers growing up

Don’t get me wrong. There are some days I can’t wait. There are days I may wish for the magic yellow school bus to come and take them away. There are days no one seems to learn and days we all seem to get on one another’s nerves. It isn’t all fun and games all the time, despite what you might read on my blog or on any other homeschool blog.

But there are many more days that are good. There are the days I wake up hearing kids already awake and laughing, and I think how thankful I am that I don’t miss this. There are days when I explain a concept for the trillionth time, and someone gets it- “Aha!”. There are days when we all laugh together over something we are reading. There are the moments that I watch my big kids loving on my little kids, and I know that if they were in school they wouldn’t see each other all day.  There are times when we veer off of something we were studying to have a deep and meaningful talk about some really important subject, and I know that I would lose those opportunities if they weren’t with me.

One day I’ll finish this. That time seems to get closer and closer all the time. At this point Rachel only has 10 more years of school, and Kathryne starts high school next year.

I will love redoing my house. I’m sure I will rejoice in all of the space I have when some of the books can go. But I have a feeling that I’m going to look around that much emptier room and really miss this time of homeschooling- most of the time.

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