The Ultimate Must-Have Back to Homeschool Supply List

It’s that time of year. Because traditional schools are starting back after summer break, all of the stores are promoting their Back-to-School sales. From crayons to notebooks to pencils and pens, kids and parents are picking out supplies.

Back to homeschool supplies

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Do you have your Back-to-Homeschool supplies? I’m not talking about scissors and glue. I’m talking about those must-have, very important, just-for-homeschool supplies.

Just in case you aren’t sure what those supplies are, here’s a list to take shopping so that you don’t forget anything.

List of homeschool school supplies

New Pajamas

Pajamas are the homeschooler’s uniform, right? And, while we want to be comfortable, we also want to look fresh and ready for the new school year. So stock up on new, comfy pajamas.

Homeschool supplies pajamas

And don’t forget pajamas for you as well. I like to call mine “lounge pants” so that it doesn’t sound like I don’t get dressed all day.

Homeschool supplies

A Lap Desk

There’s nothing quite so aggravating as trying to balance your computer or find something hard to press on when you write while you’re lying sitting in your bed doing school work. If you get each child a lap desk, schoolwork will be much easier.

Homeschool supplies lap desk

Healthy Snacks

I don’t know about your kids, but mine like to snack while they’re doing school. They snack all day. Every day. Of course, you want some healthy snacks, so step away from the Doritos and pick up some (at least semi) healthy snacks to sustain you during your homeschool days.

Snacks for homeschool

Fleece Blankets

As soon as the weather begins to turn chilly, the kids like to stay draped in fleecy blankets all day. They’re an essential homeschooling supply. Because they tend to get dirty and disheveled throughout the year, pick up some new ones while you’re picking up your homeschool supplies.
Homeschool supplies blankets

School Book Baskets

If your homeschool is anything like mine, kids rarely sit at a desk to do their school work. Instead they like to go outside if the weather is nice, lie in the bed (thus the lap desk), or sit in the living room floor. To make it easier to carry those school books around, pick up a fabric basket for each child.

Baskets for homeschool books

Car Organizers

Whoever originally had the idea that homeschoolers don’t socialize, didn’t know any homeschoolers. The fact is that we’re in the car almost as much as we’re in the house. Pick up a few of these seat back organizers so that you can take school books and supplies along with you.

Car organizer for homeschooling
There you have it- a list of the homeschool basics that you’ll need to pick up before you begin a new homeschool year. Did I leave anything out? What are some must-haves for your homeschoolers?

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