A Simple, Creative Bucket List of Fun Fall Activities

Ah, fall! The air is crisp. The leaves are crunchy. The apples are red and juicy. The smell of pumpkin and cinnamon are in the air.

Fall bucket list of fun family ideas

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No, seriously.

Fall means cold, wet weather and days that that are shorter and darker. Ugh.

Did I just burst your bubble?

Even though fall definitely isn’t my favorite season, I do love some things about the season. Over the years our family has established some really fun traditions that give us things to look forward to as the season begins to change. It’s enough to make even a summer lover like me enjoy the season.

As fall approaches this year, plan some fun family activities that will help you to create great memories- a bucket list of fall fun, if you will. This simple craft is a creative way to keep up with the fun family ideas you think up and the activities you’ve actually done.

Fall bucket list craft

Creative Fall Bucket List

Draw a tree trunk. I drew ours on a large marker board. You could also draw it on brown butcher paper, cut it out and hang it up. We don’t have lots of extra wall space, so we often use the large marker board for this kind of activity.

Don’t worry about the artistic quality of your tree trunk. The idea is to have a bare tree with just branches.

Cut out leaves from red and yellow construction paper. You can use this free printable as a leaf pattern. On each leaf, write an idea for a fun, fall activity.

Use tape or reusable adhesive to put your leaves on the blank branches of your tree. The reusable adhesive will let you easily move your leaves around.
As you do each of the activities on your leaves, let the leaf fall and create a pile at the bottom of your tree.

As the season progresses, you’ll be creating a pile of leaves as you create memories.

Fall Bucket List Ideas

So what can you put on your fall bucket list leaves? Here are a few ideas of fun activities we’ve done to enjoy the season.

Visit an apple orchard.

Pick a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.

Bake apple pie.

Carve or paint a pumpkin. You don’t have to use a scary face. You can get creative.

Pick apples.

Visit a corn maze.

Have a bonfire. Don’t forget to make smores.

Read some great fall-themed books. (You can start with these.)

Bake a pumpkin pie.

Collect pinecones and use them for a craft.

Drink apple cider.

Collect fall leaves and make leaf rubbings.

Visit a park or other natural area where you can see the beauty of colored leaves.

Go on a hayride.

Watch a football game.

Jump in a leaf pile.
What’s on your fall bucket list?

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