Best Places on the Web To Find Worksheets for Your Homeschool

Here’s the thing, ya’ll: I am not a fan of workbooks and worksheets… most of the time. Once upon a time when I taught in a traditional school, I was. When you have twenty students and you’re one teacher, the only way to have any time with individual students or even with small groups is to give the rest of the class busywork. So whip out those workbooks, kids, while I meet with this group.

Websites with printable worksheets

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When we first began homeschooling, I tried the whole workbook/worksheet thing. But what I found was that when a child worked the first five or six problems on the math sheet correctly, there was no point in having him continue to work the full thirty problems on the sheet. That frustrated him and it wasted time we could be doing something else. We didn’t need- or want- the busywork.

And so, for a while, I swung completely to the other side, and I used no worksheets or workbooks. We did not need those evil things- no way, no time. But this approach wasn’t always great either. Sometimes we needed to review math problems or practice labeling parts of speech. Sometimes the kids needed the skills practice that a good worksheet could provide.

We’ve reached a pretty happy balance now. Although our primary curriculum isn’t made up of workbooks and worksheets, I do incorporate them as a supplement when we need them.

Because we only use worksheets periodically and because I only want to get specific worksheets that will help us to practice specific skills, I like to find printable worksheets online instead of purchasing a whole workbook on a topic. When I’m looking online, I can search for and print exactly what we need.

If you’re on the lookout for worksheets to use in your homeschool, here are some of the best places I’ve found to find a variety of worksheets. Many of these are free sites. A few are membership sites.

Sites with printable worksheets

Free sites has a huge selection of printable worksheets. You can search them by grade or by subject. has math, language arts, and just for fun worksheets for grades K-6. There is a pretty good variety and you can search by grade or topic.

The Teacher’s Corner has a variety of worksheet generators that allow you to make your own worksheets and puzzle sheets.

The Jumpstart website has worksheets for a variety of subjects for grades preschool through 5th grade.

Kidzone Math has worksheets for K-5. There isn’t a huge selection, but there are worksheets that cover basic math topics. has worksheet generators for a variety of math topics. You can control the difficulty, number of problems, and more.

Homeschool Math has worksheets that cover a variety of math topics for grades 1-7. Most of the worksheets are randomly generated.

Worksheet Fun has early learning and math worksheets for preschool through first grade. Some of the math worksheets could probably be used for second or third grade as well.

Student has worksheets for all grades. There are a variety of topics and subjects covered.

Math is Fun has randomly generated worksheets that cover basic math topics. You can generate the worksheets to be as difficult or as easy as you want.

Subscription sites

Super Teacher Worksheets is a subscription site that offers thousands of worksheets. Most are for preschool through elementary, although some are appropriate for middle school. I reviewed Super Teacher last year, so you can get more information here.

Help Teaching is a subscription site that is similar to Super Teacher but has more to offer for the older grades. I reviewed Help Teaching with the Crew as well and you can learn more about it here.

Enchanted Learning has a huge variety of printable sheets. They go beyond basic math and language arts and also have all kinds of history, science, and other printables. has worksheets for all grades and a variety of topics. You can search by grade or by topic, and they also have new featured worksheets on the home page.

Those are a few sites I’ve found while searching for printable worksheets. Do you have any other favorites that you’ve used for your homeschool?

***If you are looking for some basic workbooks for skills practice, we’ve found these to be good choices.

Spectrum workbooks– math and language arts for elementary, middle school, and basic high school math
Summer Bridge workbooks- basic skills practice for K-middle school; while they’re marketed to be used in the summer between years for traditional school, you can use the practice anytime.
Homework Helper workbooks– math and language arts practice for K-early elementary

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