The Most Important Thing We Need To Teach Our Kids About the Bible (And a Review of The Biggest Story DVD and Audiobook)

I was blessed to grow up in a Christian family. I went to a Christian school. We went to church twice on Sunday, every Wednesday night, and any other time there was a special service. You can be sure that throughout my childhood, I heard many, many Bible stories.

The Biggest Story: Teaching kids about the Bible

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From Jonah and the Whale to David and Goliath, from Noah and the Flood to Adam and Eve- I heard the highlights of the Bible over and over and over and over. But it wasn’t until I was much older that I learned what I found was the most important thing about the Bible. Do you know what it was?

I learned that all of the individual stories that I had heard throughout my childhood were all part of a big story, in fact it was the Biggest Story. I learned that all of those stories were connected, that they were all leading to the redemption we have in Jesus Christ.

Think about it. From the very beginning, in the book of Genesis, we find out that man is fallen. Because Adam sinned, we’re all pretty messed up. But even way back there in Genesis, God gives the promise of redemption. He assures Adam and Eve that one day, through their descendants, a Savior will come and that He will be able to restore man’s relationship with God. That’s a pretty awesome promise.

Then, the Bible traces the story of God’s people all the way through their ups and downs- and they had many, many downs- to the culmination of God’s promise in the birth of Jesus Christ. And then, the Bible continues the story to show us what life is like after Jesus Christ’s sacrificial act of redemption for us and how the Holy Spirit can help us to live, looking always for the final act of the story when we are reunited with God in Paradise forever.

The Bible is one big story. It’s the story of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for our sins.

The Biggest Story teaches kids the big picture story of the Bible.

But so many times, we teach kids all these disconnected Bible stories. And they might be great stories and have great morals. Isn’t it exciting to learn that by trusting in God, little tiny David beat great big Goliath with a slingshot and a few rocks? Woohoo!

So we tell the great story and we talk about the moral and we read some verses and we pray and then Sunday School is over. And our kids never see that this story is all part of the bigger story that always, always points us to Jesus Christ.

I recently had the opportunity to review a DVD and audiobook- The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden. The narration is written by Kevin DeYoung who is a pastor, husband, and father of seven. The gist of the message in both this DVD and audiobook, produced for kids,  is that the Bible is a big interconnected story that leads to Jesus Christ.

I loved the idea behind these, so I was eager to review. I expected a production that would help kids to see the big story of the Bible. What I didn’t expect was how the simple reminder that the Bible is constantly pointing me to the redemptive work of Jesus Christ would move me, an adult!

Most important thing to teach kids about the Bible

The Biggest Story DVD

The DVD production of The Biggest Story is a short animated film. It’s presented in ten chapters, all around two or three minutes long. The film consists of the author- Kevin DeYoung- reading a narration that walks kids through the story of the Bible in the background of some awesome, colorful and attention grabbing animation.

The story is presented in words that kids will understand, but the message is powerful enough to stir the hearts of adult listeners. Some of the parts of the Bible are presented pretty simplistically. But it’s enough to get the story across. (And if kids have heard Bible stories, they’ll probably be filling in the blanks in their heads.)

The story culminates in the birth of Christ, and then the final chapter talks about the Holy Spirit and the hope we have of being reunited with God in Paradise again one day.

The Biggest Story Audiobook CD

The CD production of The Biggest Story is the same narration as that of the DVD told in audiobook form. It is still broken up into chapter segments so that you can listen to the entire audiobook at once or choose to pause and break up your listening into chapters.

Teaching kids about the Bible

Why I Love These Resources

If you haven’t caught on yet, I loved this resource. Why? There are many things I loved about it. Here are a few.

  • The simplicity, yet power, of the story- Kevin DeYoung has written the story so that even young kids will be able to understand. But, at the same time, his narration is powerful, communicating the deep, underlying message of the Bible.
  • The awesome animation- The animation isn’t a typical cartoonish style of animation. It’s colorful and unique. Although the audiobook contains the same great story, I would definitely recommend the DVD if you can get it because of the animation.
  • The simple presentation- I have older kids, and I could play the entire DVD or audiobook for them in one sitting. If you have little people, you probably couldn’t. I love that the story is broken down into chapters, making it easy to start and stop and listen to the narration in segments.
  • The potential for great conversations and extended learning- Although the DVD and audiobook are wonderful stand alone resources, there are also some great ways you could use them for good conversations and other learning with your kids. Talk about each section before you go on to the next. Answer any questions the kids have. Take time to read the Bible stories mentioned in detail. Create a timeline that shows exactly how God’s promise of Jesus Christ is being carried out throughout the stories in the Bible. There is so much that you could do in conjunction with watching the DVD or listening to the story.
The Biggest Story DVD

Get Your Own DVD and Audiobook

You can find The Biggest Story DVD on Amazon here. And you can find The Biggest Story audiobook CD on Amazon here.

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