Slideshow Lessons to Supplement Your Homeschool Teaching (A Homeschool Crew Review)

Although I’ve figured out homeschool materials and methods that seem to work well for our family over the (many) years we’ve been homeschooling, I’m always looking for new ways to supplement our lessons. I’ve found that the kids- and me- often enjoy a change from routine, using a new way of teaching or a new curriculum.

Recently we had the opportunity to try out the Educeri Lesson Subscription Service (12 months) from Educeri……..Educeri a division of DataWORKS. This is a service that provides slideshow lessons for a variety of grades and subjects. Although there are lessons for different grades provided, I primarily looked at 6th grade lessons and used the program with Ashlyne (7th grade) and Rachel (6th grade).

Review of Educeri slideshow lesson plans

What is it?

The Educeri Subscription Service has a variety of slideshow lesson plans. Most of the plans are for math and language arts, but there are a few lessons in other subjects, such as science, history, music and art. The entire lesson plan library has a little over 1000 plans, and new plans are added periodically.

Educeri home screen

Each grade has a different number of lessons. For example, kindergarten has 60 lessons available, 2nd grade has 97, 6th grade has 113, and high school has 164. You can easily search from the home screen to find lessons for a particular grade or subject.

Greek culture slideshow

How does it work?

From the home screen, you can search for your lesson. When you see a lesson topic, you can read the description to know what the lesson is about. Most lessons have a slideshow as well as a printable worksheet for students.

Educeri sixth grade

The lesson is complete in the slideshow. No other materials- besides the student printables- are needed. You can click through each slide, reading the lesson. When there are questions in the presentation, the next slide (or few slides) will have the answers indicated in red. There is a marker/pen option as well so that you can write or mark on the slides as you teach the lesson.

Students can use the worksheets available for extra practice.

Educeri work sheet

An example lesson…

One of the lessons I looked at with my girls was the lesson about the author’s point of view in the English/language arts section of the 6th grade lessons.

Point of view slideshow lesson

I chose to click through the slides with them and read the information aloud. We talked about the questions together and then clicked through to see the answers on the next slide. Older students could probably use the lessons independently by just clicking through the slides on their own and reading information.

To go along with this lesson, there was a five page worksheet pack.

Educeri student worksheet

Other resources…

For each grade level there is a section for teachers that outlines the Common Core correlations in the lesson objectives. Teachers can flip through the slides in this section to see Common Core standards and how the different lessons meet these.

Educeri common core

What we thought…

The Educeri lesson plans weren’t a great fit for us. The lesson plans seemed to just be geared toward preparing students for standardized tests. For example, in the lesson on the Rise of Alexander the Great in the 6th grade history section, the focus seems to be on teaching students how to pick out information from a paragraph to answer questions and fill in a graphic organizer, instead of on actually learning about Alexander the Great and the ancient Greeks.

Ancient Greek slideshow

My girls didn’t like the style of the lessons at all. The presentation of the slides and answering the same type of questions multiple times didn’t work well for them. It did seem to take a long time to complete each lesson. The Alexander the Great lesson has 14 slides. But each slide is clicked on multiple times because the answers to questions are revealed. There is a way to skip from slide to slide if you wanted to skim through and only use some of the slides.

Educeri Ancient Greece lesson

I thought that the lessons really are something that would probably work better in a classroom setting. The teacher would show the slides over a large projector to the class and be able to discuss the questions and make notes on the slides.

If you prepare your students for standardized tests or are interested in meeting Common Core standards, you may get more use out of the Educeri lesson plans. For our homeschooling style, they just weren’t a great fit.

Slideshow lesson plans from Educeri

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