10 Great Gifts for Kids Who Love Crafts

When my kids were younger, I wanted to post a large sign every time the holidays rolled around- NO MORE TOYS NEEDED! Sure, there were a few special toys- Barbies are still pretty popular around here, and Legos can’t be beat- but we are six people living in a small house, and having four kids receive toy after toy after toy threatened to crowd us out of house and home.

So, what can you get the kid who has an overabundance of toys? One thing that I love to give for holidays and birthdays is crafty gifts. I know, I know- not every kid loves crafting. But many do. Craft kits and craft supplies inspire creativity; they’re usually smaller to store than most toys; and- best of all- kids use them up and can often give away the crafts they make, meaning no more stuff to take up room in the house.

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If you’re looking for a kid gift that isn’t just a typical toy- and believe me, the parents will love you for it- here are ten crafty gifts for kids who love to craft.

1. Kwik Stix Paint Sticks (all ages)

The Pencil Grip, Inc. is the company that not only makes some awesome pencil grips that can help to improve handwriting but also has developed some great, mess-free paint sticks for kids to use- Kwik Stix. I’ve reviewed their Kwik Stix in detail here and here.

These paint sticks are shaped like glue sticks and fit well even in little hands. There are traditional colors as well as neons and metallics. You can buy them in individual packs of six or twelve, and you can also buy a multi pack of twenty four with all the colors. We recently received this large pack to play with as a preview for this gift guide.

If you have older kids, I’ve also seen Thin Stix now available on the site. These are shaped more like markers and could be used for projects where kids need to add more fine details.

You can win a twenty-four pack of original Kwik Stix in the giveaway below.

2. Melissa and Doug Wooden Heart Chest (ages 4 and up)

If you have little girls who like to keep jewelry or small treasures, the heart chest from Melissa and Doug is simple craft that will make a container kids can actually use. The heart is wooden and is a small box. The set includes paint and a paintbrush as well as gems and glue- glitter glue and regular.

I think that all of my girls have had these little jewelry boxes at some time or another, and they always make a fun craft that even littler girls can accomplish without too much stress or mess.

Craft gifts for kids

3. Melissa and Doug Monster Truck (ages 4 and up)

Have a boy who also loves crafting or a girl who loves trucks? Melissa and Doug also has a cute wooden monster truck to construct and decorate. Like the heart chest, this is made out of wood and comes with glue as well as decorations.

 Besides paint and and brush, there are stickers to decorate the truck.
I think it’s cute that the wheels can actually be attached with a little wooden pin that will allow them to turn. Kids can construct the truck and play with it as well.

Melissa and Doug crafts

4. House of Crafts Mosaic Tray Craft Kit (ages 10 and up)

Older kids can create a beautiful mosaic tray to keep or give as a gift with this mosaic tray kit. It includes the wooden tray as well as tile pieces, instructions, a pattern sheet and grout. My kids have really enjoyed these real mosaic tile crafts.

This craft is definitely one for older kids who are willing to take the time to do it and who have the motor skills to handle the small tile pieces and place them in the correct position. But, for an avid crafter, this will make a great gift and will produce a beautiful tray that they can use to display their own little knickknacks or that they can give away as a gift.

Crafts for kids

5. The Orb Factory Sticky Mosaics Owl (ages 5 and up)

If you have kids who love the idea of mosaics but who aren’t quite ready for the more difficult projects, these sticker mosaics are a good choice. My girls have enjoyed several of these kits, but the owls are the most recent I think we’ve used. This sticker mosaic kit comes with four patterned owl projects and thousands of stickers. Kids just peel and stick to make pretty mosaic owls.
Kids will still need some good motor control to do this craft without becoming frustrated. My girls began liking them around age 5 or 6.

Craft gift ideas for kids

6. ALEX Toys Little Hands My Giant Busy Box (ages 3 and up)

When my younger girls were about 2-4, my sister gave them one of these busy boxes for a holiday gift. It was amazing. The box is filled with cute craft projects for little people. There are materials for sixteen projects. And we found when we completed the set projects that there were some materials left over that we could use for other things.

There are two awesome things about this busy box. First, the crafts in it were so simple that the little girls could do them easily and my older daughter- around 8 at the time- could actually get the box out herself and lead them in a craft.

Secondly, every single thing you need to do the crafts is actually in the box. This is wonderful because it means you aren’t scrambling around the house hunting down the glue while you’re trying to do the craft. It’s all right there- everything.
Just a note: there are only materials for one of each project in this kit. I just had the girls do different projects when we used it. But, if you’re giving this to kids that will insist on each person having the exact same things, you might want to buy multiple kids.

Craft gifts for kids

7. ArtSkills Activity Bucket (ages 4 and up)

One of the great things about arts and crafts is that they inspire creativity. Even though the kits that create a specific project are very cute, sometimes I love to give kids art supplies and let them come up with their own crafts. This activity bucket will make a great gift to spark kids’ creativity.

There are 404 pieces of craft supplies in the bucket- craft sticks, chenille sticks, foam pieces, pom-poms, and more. There is a book with some suggested crafts, but, honestly I would suggest just giving it to kids and having them go at it with not much adult interference. This gift lets you supply kids with what they need to think of their own ideas and create away.

Craft gift list activity bucket

8. Crayola Inspiration Art Case (ages 4 and up)

This is another gift that will allow kids to create in an imaginative way. This art kit comes in a carrying case and includes crayons, colored pencils, markers, paper, and scissors. If you know a kid who loves to draw and color, this is a great gift.
Like the art activity bucket, this kit will give kids the opportunity to think of their own project and then draw, color, and cut to their little heart’s content.

Craft gifts for kids

9. Crayola Star Wars Virtual Design Pro (ages 6 and up)

There are a variety of Crayola Virtual Design kits including this Star Wars kit. If you’re giving gifts to kids with other interests, there are also themes such as fashion, Disney princesses, or cars. These kits combine drawing and digital animation. Kids create pictures with the Crayola supplies included. Then you can download the corresponding app for IOS or Android and bring the creation to life.

We’ve used the fashion design kit, and my daughter had lots of fun designing outfits and then watching models “wear” her fashions on the runway in the app. If you know kids who love their electronic devices, but you don’t want to just give another digital toy that will keep them in front of a screen, these kits balance creativity with the fun they can have with the app.

Crafts for kids gift list

10. The Orb Factory PlushCraft Kitten Club 3D Soft Craft (ages 5 and up)

If you’re giving a gift to a kid who loves stuffed animals, this 3D soft craft is super cute. My daughter enjoyed the puppy version of this kit recently. It involve stuffing fabric pieces into a three dimensional animal base. This particular kit includes three different kittens and the fabric pieces and stylus to create the plush effect.

I know that stuffed animals are overrunning our house, and I have a feeling that I’m not the only mom who feels that way. Don’t give another stuffed animal as a gift. These 3D soft crafts will let kids use some creativity to make their own plush animal, and the animals are small than most typical stuffed animals.

Craft gifts

So, there you go. If you’re buying for kids who love crafts, don’t just buy another toy. Give the gift of creativity. 

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