5 Places to Find Great Online Classes for Homeschoolers

I love teaching my kids. Over the years I’ve homeschooled, I’ve found that I often learn new things when I’m teaching a subject, things I apparently missed in my own years of schooling. But as much as I love teaching my kids myself, Friend, there are times when I just need some help. I need a different kind of class, a teacher other than myself.

My choice in some of these situations has been to turn to online classes for the kids.

Online classes foir homeschoolers

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Why Online Classes?

With all the choices of co-ops and independent study, not to mention classes I could teach for myself, why choose an online class? Here are some reasons I’ve used online classes.

I don’t know the material well myself.

Math is the perfect example here. I’m not an expert in math- far from it. But there are some great online classes from which my kids have been able to learn higher level math skills. Sometimes I just don’t know a subject well enough to feel confident in teaching it or guiding the kids through it in independent study.

I don’t have any interest in the material.

I’m going to make a confession that many homeschool moms are afraid to make. I don’t like every subject. I admit it. Physical science is a good example. Although I like science more as a homeschool teacher than I ever did as a student, physics still doesn’t make my list of things I just love to learn about. But there are online classes where teachers are just thrilled about physics. They’re excited about the subject. And it’s great for the kids to learn from a teacher who is passionate about the subject.

The kids need to learn from a teacher other than me.

I don’t know if all my kids will go to college or not. But even if they don’t take official classes beyond high school, there will always be times in their lives when they need to be able to learn from other people. One benefit of having them take online classes is that they learn that not all teachers are like me. They have different styles. They have different methods. They may even have a different accent that they have to understand. Online classes expose them to a variety of teachers.

Homeschool classes online

Some of the Best Online Classes for Homeschoolers

The internet is flooded with online classes, ya’ll. If you just begin to google, you’ll get a host of results. But I’ve compiled a list of five of the best for you. All of these online classes I’ve either used for my kids, have friends who have used them and loved them, or know the people involved in creating them and know they’re awesome. Hopefully, if you’re searching for an online class, you’ll find something to start with here.

Bright Ideas Press

Where? Bright Ideas Press Online Classes

What Classes? Mystery of History Online Academy (covers Mystery of History Vol.III ; North Star Geography

Information? Both of these classes are offered as self-paced classes where students can log on and watch the instruction at their own pace. The Mystery of History Online Academy also has live sessions sometimes available.

Compass Classroom

Where? Compass Classroom

What Classes? World history, American history, Latin, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Poetry Economics, Bible

Information? Many of Compass Classroom’s resources are video classes. We’ve used several of these and thought that the quality of instruction was great. Now they offer subscription services of these classes as online streaming resources. You can sign up as a bundle and have access to all classes, as well as printables and teacher resources or you can sign up for individual classes.

Schoolhouse Teachers

Where? Schoolhouse Teachers.com

What Classes? There are over 300 classes available for PreK-12th grade in all subject areas.

Information? The classes at Schoolhouse Teachers are all self-paced. Some use video. Some use a text. Some use printables or online reading. We’ve used many of the classes either as a primary class in a subject are or as a supplement to some other curriculum we’re using. It’s been an especially great place for my high schoolers to find electives because they have so many great choices.

Online Unit Studies

Where: Techie Homeschool Mom Online Unit Studies

What Classes? Ancient Egypt, Elections, Solar System, Olympics, Christmas Around the World, Famous Birthdays, Famous Artists, Stars, Vincent Van Gogh, U.S. Presidency

Information? If you love doing unit studies, but you also love the ease of online classes, the Online Unit Studies from Techie Homeschool Mom are an awesome choice. Like other unit studies, the classes can be used by multiple ages. Kids can use them independently. As in a typical unit studies, kids learn from a variety of activities as they work through the unit study. They also learn computer skills in each unit study.


Where? CurrClick Live Classes

What Classes? There are many, many classes listed. There are classes for all grades, all subjects.

Information? We haven’t used CurrClick Live Classes, but I have heard many good things. These classes are live, meaning that you sign up and then “attend” at a specific time each week like an in-person class. Some of the classes run by semester and some are shorter. If you’re having trouble finding a class, you can download their current class catalog here.

If you’re feeling challenged being the teacher in all of your kids’ classes, try some online classes. If you have questions about the ones we’ve used, I’ll be glad to answer. And if you have any other favorite online class resources, leave them in the comments.

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