Free Printable Scripture for Anxious Times Poster (And the Literacy Musing Mondays Linkup)

Folks in the US are likely feeling a little anxious this week. At the time of writing this post, we’re facing a presidential election that is causing most of us to feel anything but certain about the future of our country.

I’m not a political blogger. I’m not a controversial blogger. In fact, I try to steer pretty clear of conflict- at least here on the blog. But, I’ll admit to feeling a little anxious about the election coming this week.

Scripture verses about anxiety

So I’ve been looking up Scripture that will remind me not to be anxious. Because of my faith, I can rest assured that no matter what happens on Tuesday, on Wednesday I’ll still wake up with God in control. If you need a reminder of that- because of the election or anything else going on in your life, feel free to download and print this free poster. I’m planning to hang it up on my desk this week.
Scripture verses download

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