Great Board Game Gifts and Card Games Gifts for Kids and Families

I love board games and card games. They’re a great way to have fun with family and friends, and many of them have the bonus of also being educational. Thankfully, most of my family loves games right along with me. There are those few…But I won’t mention names.

Board games and card games make great gifts. They can be used by multiple people, so they make a great family gift. And it’s something different than just one more toy as a kid gift. You can also find a variety of games to go along with the individual interests that those on your gift list may have. Themed board games and games with different objectives allow you to pick just the right games for people on your list.

Board game and card game gifts

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If you’re looking for some great board game and card game gifts for individuals or families, here are some of our favorites.

Board Games

Clue Junior– ages 5+

Clue Junior is a good way to introduce kids to the game of Clue. It involves guessing and solving a “crime,” but play is simpler and the crime isn’t murder. If you have younger kids who are just getting into the board game phase, this is a good game for them to get their feet wet with.

Clue Jr board game gifts for kids
Apples to Apples is a party game that involves making humorous connections between nouns and adjectives. The original game has words that might be unfamiliar to younger players (and there are a few that may lead to some crude insinuations), but there is also a Jr. version that we’ve loved.

Apples to Apples game gift for families
Sorry– ages 6+
This is a classic that we still love. Mostly based on chance, with a little critical thinking and decision making thrown in, it’s a good game for a wide range of ages. A six-year-old doesn’t have much disadvantage compared to an older player as long as he can grasp the basic method of play.

Sorry game gift for families
The Game of Life– ages 8+
The Game of Life is another classic that the kids can’t seem to get enough of. We have the classic version as well as an updated version, complete with ATM machine and snazzier looking cars. This game is one that requires several academic skills, including math as well as some critical thinking.
The Game of Life gift for kids
Ticket to Ride was introduced to us by some friends a few years ago, and it has quickly become a favorite. The game involves collecting colored cards and claiming train routes to earn the most points and build the longest connecting route.
Ticket to Ride gift for families

   Harry Potter Clue
Harry Potter Clue
– ages 9+

I reluctantly admit that I only recently fell in love with the Harry Potter books. It’s a long story, but I didn’t read the books when they were first becoming popular, and, although the kids have watched some or all of the movies, only the first two have ever read any of the books. I’ve quickly become a fan, though, and I love the Harry Potter themed Clue. With characters and settings from the books, it’s a fun Clue game for any Harry Potter fan.

Clue board game gift for families
We got this game as a review a few years ago, and it has become a favorite. Because it involves matching pictures on cards, there is no reading involved and even younger kids can have fun with it. Because it isn’t just a typical matching game, there is enough to keep older players interested as well. We still have fun with this one even though my youngest is 11.
The Greatest Day Ever game gift for kids

If you like word games, you’ll love Scattegories. The object is to think of words beginning with a particular letter and fitting a variety of categories in each round. Although older kids and adults will probably be able to play more easily, my younger girls who are 11 and 12 have played it as well.
Scattegories game gift for families

Risk- ages 12+
Although Risk is a classic, I don’t see it around often. It’s not my favorite, but Jason and Charles (age 15) really enjoy it. It’s mostly strategy, with a little bit of chance thrown in. If you have teens or adults who like the idea of world domination on your gift list, Risk is for them.
Risk gift for families

Hedbanz- ages 6+
This is a fun game for groups and even younger kids can enjoy it. The idea is to guess what’s on your headband with clues from your friends. It can get silly, but it’s lots of fun.
Hedbanz game gift for kids

Card Games

Monopoly Deal– ages 8+

If you like the game of Monopoly but don’t want to take time for a full, lengthy game, Monopoly Deal is a fun way to enjoy some of the game play in a fast-paced card game.

Monopoly Deal card game gift for families
Sorry Revenge– ages 8+
Sorry Revenge is another card game that takes a classic board game and converts it to a faster moving card game. Although the game won’t drag on, it’s a little more competitive as well, so younger kids may not do well with it.
Sorry Revenge card game gift for families
This game from Bright Ideas Press combines the fun of a card game with learning about different forms of government. Lest you think it’s too academic, we played it, and it’s kid approved.
Civitas card game for families
Uno Attack- ages 7+
This game takes the classic Uno card game and makes it more exciting- and a little more vicious. Instead of having to draw a certain number of cards, players have to press a button and see how many cards shoot out for them.

Uno Attack card game gift for families
Skip-Bo– ages 7+
Skip-Bo is a classic game that is similar to Uno, but it’s all about building card sequences. The card deck is large- 162 cards. And players work on building sequences of their cards in order. Wild cards spice up play and make it even more challenging.
Skip Bo card game for kids

Board and card games give all kinds of opportunity for family fun and make great gifts. Does your family have any favorites to add to the list?

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