Great Gifts for Kids...and Adults...Who Love to Read

I’m a reader. From the time I was small, I was rarely without a good book currently in the process of being read. A few of my kids have inherited the avid reader gene. And we have quite a few friends and family members who are readers.

The question always arises about what gifts to get for an avid reader. Sure, you can give the gift of books. But what if you don’t know what books the gift getter already has in his or her library? I’m always afraid of getting books they already own.

Gifts for people who love to read

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If you’re looking for gifts for that avid reader on your gift list, here are a few that don’t involve buying specific books.
Reading light gift

All readers come upon the times when they want to keep reading, but it’s just not practical to keep a lamp or overhead light on. This reading light can be used on a desk as a dim reading lamp or worn around the neck as a hands-free light. If you’re looking for a light for a boy or man and think the heart may not be their thing, try this hands-free light.

Zipper Bookmark

Bookmark gift for readers

There are thousands of bookmarks, but these zipper bookmarks are unique. You can place them in your book at your place, and the zipper portion rests on the top. I think it would be much easier to lose that your traditional bookmarks.

Magnifying Bookmarks

Magnifying bookmark gift

I have to admit that as I get older, the print in books seems to get smaller. If you have readers on your list that can’t quite make out the small print, get them a magnifying bookmark. It will hold their place, but it will also magnify the words on the page.

The Book Seat

Book holder gift

Want to be able to read and still use your hands? The Book Seat will shape itself to any surface and will give the readers on your list hands-free reading. The Book Seat can also double as a travel pillow on a bus or plane.


Gifts for readers- bookplates

Have you ever had a great book that you lent to a friend and then lost. It’s really no one’s fault. You don’t remember who you lent it to, and they don’t remember whose book it really is. The readers on your list can put bookplates in the fronts of their special books to personalize them so they can be returned when borrowed. (If you’d like a less fancy version for the folks on your list, these are cute!)

The Book Lover’s Journal

The Book Lovers Journal for readers

I’ve often wished I had a master list of all the books I’ve ever read or of all the great book quotes I’ve found over the years. Get the reader’s on your list a Book Lover’s Journal where they can record all of this and more.

Bedside Storage Book Caddy

Beside the bed book storage for readers

I can’t count the number of times I’ve tripped over books getting out of bed or lost books under the bed- all because I have my current book or books close to the bed where I read them every night. Get the book lover on your list this bedside book caddy that attaches to the mattress. It can old their current reading books as well as that great Book Lover’s Journal above.

First Lines of Literature Mug

Mug gift for book lovers

I read some great books again and again because some of the quotes in them are so deep and meaningful or are humorous and worth reading again and again. If you have a book lover on your list who also happens to love coffee- or hot chocolate or hot tea or soup in a mug or (you get my drift)- get this great mug that’s covered with quotes from great literature.

Bath Tray with Book Holder

Bath tray gift for book lovers

I’m not the only one who reads in the tub, am I? I must not be if bath trays with book holders are a thing. I can’t count the number of times I’ve gotten a book wet by trying to grab it with wet hands to keep it from falling in the tub. Get the book lovers on your list this bath tray, and it will be easier than ever to read in the tub.

Kindle eReader

Kindle paperwhite gift for readers

I own an embarrassing number of Kindles- of all shapes and sizes. I still like to read paper books, mind you. There’s something about holding a real, solid book in my hands that I’ll never get tired of. But I can’t deny the fact that with my Kindle, I can carry thousands of books easily, so I never run out of books on vacation. I can reread books easily without trying to hunt them down on my many, many bookshelves. And I can get many, many books free or cheap for Kindle. The type of Kindle to purchase depends on the need of your book lover. I love my Paperwhite for just plain old reading. But the Fire does cool things like a tablet. Amazon has a guide to help you pick out your Kindle here.

So, there you go. Have fun picking out a non-book gift for the book lover on your list.

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