Ten Great Gifts for Homeschool Moms

I often have trouble picking out gifts for adults. I’m not an extremely creative person and gift giving is definitely not one of my major love languages. Combine that with the fact that I, personally would rather have practical gifts, but I feel as if most adults just buy what they need, and I’m really struggling when it comes to giving gifts to other adults.

If you struggle with this as well, and if you have a homeschool mom on your gift list, I’m here to help you. As a homeschool mom, I happen to have a few ideas of gifts that homeschool moms will love. Some of these are practical and some are a little more for pleasure. But all of them will surely earn the approval of the homeschool mom you’re buying for.

Gift ideas for homeschool moms

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A Deluxe Desk Tray Organizer With a File Folder Holder

Homeschool moms have lots of papers to keep up with. We have assignments to grade, tests to check, and papers that need to be filed. It’s easy for our desks to become black holes of paper piles, sticky notes, and scattered paperclips.

Maybe it’s my crazy- rather obsessed- love of all things organizing, but I think that this desk tray would be an excellent gift. I love the fact that it not only has the traditional in/out trays where I can sort papers by “need to grade” and “graded”, but it also has the cool file holder so I can organize papers in file folders.

Trust me. The homeschool mom on your list will thank you.

Gifts for homeschool moms

A Snazzy Lap Desk for Work or Relaxing

We homeschool moms rarely get work done during conventional hours. During the day we’re busy teaching kids or driving to co-op or picking kids up from dance, soccer, gymnastics, football, or one of any other various and sundry activities. No, we tend to work on lesson plans and grading papers at night in bed.
This lap desk is very functional. It’s adjustable and will fit mom’s laptop perfectly. But, if you really wanted to wow a special homeschool mom in your family, you could also use this awesome desk to bring her breakfast in bed. And moms can use this desk for reading or coloring (my favorite!) as well as working.
Whether you think mom will use this desk for work for pleasure, it’s a nice gift.
Lap desk for homeschool moms

http://amzn.to/2fBpsJzPretty Notebooks for Writing or Journaling

I know that not every homeschool mom likes to journal, but many do. Although I don’t journal, I’ve been doing Scripture copying for my personal devotions. And whether you’re journaling or copying or even taking notes at a homeschool convention, it’s always more fun to do it in a pretty notebook.

Sure, sure, Mom could stock up on $.25 notebooks during the back-to-school sales (and believe me, I do!), but these pretty notebooks are just so much more fun to write in.

The homeschool mom on your list will appreciate being able to write in a “fancy” notebook. I promise.

 Homeschool mom gifts

Dry Erase Board

Dry erase boards are pretty popular in many homeschooling families. You may think that if the homeschool mom on your list already has one, this wouldn’t make a very good gift. But that isn’t necessarily the case.
In our house two things happen to dry erase boards. (1) They disappear. Whether they’re dragged off to be played with by a child or whether, in my forgetfulness, I don’t pick them back where they came from, the fact is that, when I need a dry erase board, I often can’t find one. (2) They become unable to completely wipe off. Sometimes this is because they weren’t well wiped off to begin with. Sometimes this happens because of low quality dry erase markers. But it’s pretty hard to use a dry erase board with a large black blob in the middle.
All of this just proves that a dry erase board will always be a welcome gift for a homeschool mom. Please don’t forget a pack of dry erase markers. We burn through those pretty quickly as well!
Gifts for homeschoolers

Programmable Slow Cooker

I can hear what you’re thinking. What does a slow cooker have to do with homeschooling? Quite a lot actually. I rarely have time to make dinner when it’s actually dinner time. Between finishing up our school day and running kids to extracurricular activities, those hours before supper time are notoriously busy. The best way to actually have a home-cooked meal is to use a slow cooker.
This slow cooker is the one I have, and the homeschool mom on your list will love it because it’s programmable. She can throw that chicken in it in the morning, set the timer, and voila! supper is ready- and not overcooked- when the family is ready to eat it.
It may not sound “homeschoolish,” but a homeschooling mom will love a great slow cooker!
Gifts for homeschool moms

MyFreezEasy Membership

If the homeschool mom might not have ideas for how to make good use of that slow cooker, a MyFreezEasy Membership is another excellent gift choice. I recently reviewed a membership to this program that gives users freezer cooking recipes. I have been absolutely loving this resource.
With some freezer meal programs, moms have too many meals to prep at once. But MyFreezEasy lets you pick five recipes at a time, so moms don’t spend hours and hours at a time prepping meals.
A subscription to MyFreezEasy is the second best choice to hiring a cook for your homeschool mom. But it’s a little less expensive.

MyFreezEasy for homeschool moms

Large Fabric Storage Bins

People, homeschool moms have lots of goodies to store. It’s the truth. Books, curricula, record keeping resources- we need a place for it all. And that’s not even including the homemaking side of our job where we need to have storage for laundry and cleaning supplies and all the loose toys and belongings that never seem to make it out of the living room.
These large fabric bins are perfect for all of a homeschool mom’s storage needs. They are collapsible so they fold down for easy storage when you aren’t using them. But they’re durable and pretty large to use when they’re needed. I use one for our book basket, among other things.
Help a homeschool mom find a place to put all her “stuff” by giving her a fabric storage bin.

Fabric bin gift for homeschool moms

More Bookshelves

It’s impossible to have too many books. It truly is. Unfortunately, my family is beginning to disagree because we have books overrunning our house. I don’t think I’m alone in this fascination with books either. I’ve heard that many homeschool moms seem to have the same problem.
So, what to get that homeschool mom on your list? More bookshelves. I like to use the ones pictured here because they are less expensive than some of the “fancy” ones, and I can just continue getting the same type so that they all match and fit together.
Don’t worry about whether or not the homeschool mom you know has room for more bookshelves. Let her worry about that. She’ll love more shelves as a gift.
Gifts for homeschool moms

  Membership to Schoolhouse Teachers.com
Membership to Schoolhouse Teachers.com

I’m going to tell you a closely guarded secret. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone else. Homeschool moms can’t do it all. It’s true. We just can’t. We may look like superheroes on the outside. But, many times we’re really fighting a sense of overwhelm inside.

One thing that can help us is finding a way for our kids to take classes from someone other than us. We need for someone else to have done the prep work and the planning. But we also don’t want to lose some control and some flexibility. And we especially want quality classes that we’re going to feel good about picking out for our kids.

Schoolhouse Teachers.com is an awesome answer. I’ve reviewed it before, but to sum it up, it’s a site run by The Old Schoolhouse that has tons of classes for all grades as well as resources for homeschool moms and families. Some classes are video. Some are done through printable materials. But for one subscription price, homeschool moms can access the site and use the classes for the whole family.

Save the sanity of the homeschool mom on your list. Give her a subscription to Schoolhouse Teachers.com.

Schoolhouse Teachers for homeschool moms

Paper Mate InkJoy Pens

I’ll happily admit that I’m a pen snob. I spend quite a bit of time writing, and I want to love what I’m writing with. If the homeschool mom on your list is a little picky about her pens, give her a set of the Paper Mate InkJoy pens.
These pens have become my favorite because they are smooth and rarely ever smudge. I use mine as I write in our lesson planning book and for grading because they aren’t going to bleed through or have big wet drops that will make smudgy messes on the paper.
For that homeschool mom who’s a pen snob: these pens will make her smile.

Pens for homeschool moms
And now you’re prepared, armed with some good ideas for gift shopping. Use these ideas to help you find the perfect gift for the homeschool mom on your list.

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