BIG List of Christmas Lapbooks You Can Download and Use Right Away

I don’t know about you, but sometimes that last week or so before Christmas vacation can seem to stretch on forever. I want to keep doing school- just to count attendance days, I’ll be honest. But all of us are stir crazy and need a break. Enter…the Christmas lapbooks.

Christmas lapbooks

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If you’ve never used lapbooks and aren’t sure exactly what in the world I might be talking about, picture file folders folded, put together, and used as a scrapbook of sorts where kids make mini books and illustrations of what they’re learning. I love lapbooking. Most of my kids at least tolerate it and some really enjoy it. All of them appreciate taking a break from the normal routines to do something a little more laid back and hands-on. 
So if Christmas anticipation is making you- and the kids- crazy and you want something a little different to fill in the days before you take your Christmas break, try a Christmas-themed lapbook. Here are some great lapbooks you can download, print, and begin using right away. Some of these are free and some aren’t. I’ve tried to note which are which.

Literature-based Lapbooks

Eleanor Jo: A Christmas to Remember- This lapbook for grades 2-7 is intended to go along with the Eleanor Jo book here. The story is all about Holly’s grandmother- Eleanor Jo- telling her about Christmas during the Great Depression. (cost)
The Polar Express Lapbook– This lapbook for grades 1-6 is based on the book The Polar Express. (cost)
A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time- This lapbook is based on the #44 Magic Treehouse book A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time. The book is set in Victorian England, and the children visit Charles Dickens. (cost)
The Christmas Day Kitten Unit Study and Lapbook– This lapbook is based on the book The Christmas Day Kitten. The unit study contains geography information as well as information about animals and vets. (free)
The Wild Christmas Reindeer– This is a free lapbook based on the book The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett. (free)
A Christmas Carol Lapbook– This lapbook is intended for grades 9-12. It’s a thorough look at A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. (cost)

Biblical Christmas Story Lapbooks

Nativity of Our Lord Lapbook- This lapbook covers the Christmas story from the angel’s visit to Mary through the birth of Christ. (free)
The Twelve Days of Christmas- This lapbook uses the symbols in the song The Twelve Days of Christmas to teach Biblical truths to kids. (free)
Christ in the Christmas Tree Lapbook- Using the Christmas tree, this lapbook looks at symbols of Christ and gives a short devotional for each part of the lapbook. (cost)

Christmas Fun Lapbooks

Christmas Lapbook with Study Guide from A Journey Through Learning– This lapbook- intended for 2nd-7th grades- covers the birth of Christ as well as lots of fun family traditions for Christmas. The included study guide has everything you need to complete the lapbook. (cost)
Christmas Around the World Lapbook- This free lapbook from HomeschoolShare covers Christmas traditions in a variety of countries around the world. Christmas Around the World studies are a great way to combine geography with Christmas fun. (free)
Christmas Fun Express Lapbook- This lapbook, also from A Journey Through Learning is a quick lapbook with only one folder that can be completed in one day. If you like the idea of a lapbook but don’t have tons of time, this one is for you. (cost)
Christmas Symbols Lapbook- This free lapbook takes a look at the symbols of Christmas and the meanings behind them. (free)
Christmas Customs Lapbook- This lapbook is focused on some of the traditional customs of Christmas and the story behind them. (free)
Christmas Craftivity and Lapbook– Kids can use this lapbook to tell about their favorite parts of Christmas. They can even write a letter to Santa! (cost)
Christmas lapbooks

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