Books and Resources for Learning about Ancient Egypt

My younger girls and I cycled back to the ancients in our history this year. We’ve spent quite a long time in Ancient Egypt lately. Learning about Ancient Egypt can be a pretty awesome thing, though. After all pyramids and mummies make for some interesting reading.

Our curriculum uses a variety of resources to teach history instead of a textbook. I love that. I think we learn much more through great living books than we would from a dry and dusty textbook. I’ve added lots of my own resources to our Ancient Egypt study as well, and I’m sharing books, websites, and activities here. If you’re ready to dive into mummies, pyramids, and life along the Nile River, these links will get you started.

Resources for studying Ancient Egypt
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Tirzah by Lucille Travis (middle grades- historical fiction)

Websites– lots of information about Ancient Egypt, heiroglyphics typewriter, 3D temple reconstructions– information about many, many Ancient Egypt topics, including gods, mummies, pyramids, heiroglyphics and more– from the British museum, offers information, photos, and activities– National Geographic Kids facts about Ancient Egypt– information, stories, myths, activities


Find Ancient Egyptian crafts like a mummified apple, an Egyptian armlet, and a perfumed cone at Time Traveller Kids.
Find Ancient Egyptian crafts and activities, including an Egyptian collar, jewelry, scribe’s equipment, and more on this page.
123 Homeschool 4 Me has a free printable Ancient Egypt preschool pack for the little ones.
3 Dinosaurs has an awesome Ancient Egypt pack, including a separate tot pack for little ones.
Activity Village has lots of great Ancient Egypt coloring sheets.

Learn about Ancient Egypt

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