Homeschooling Resources, Science Woes, and Why You Shouldn't Homeschool- The Top Five Posts of 2016

It’s that time of year. No, not the time when I feel like my house is trashed with discarded Christmas boxes, wrapping paper and opened presents. It’s that time too, but I’m talking about the time of year for…reflection. I always like to look back over the blog posts for the year and see which ones were the most popular.

So, this year…which posts had the most readers? Which posts had the most comments? Which posts did readers find most riveting? (Okay, maybe I’m just guessing at that last one.) In order from least views to most, here are my top five popular posts from 2016.

Homeschooling posts
Science curriculum for homeschool
Does choosing science curriculum drive you to distraction? Me too, my friend, me too. But a few years ago, I came upon a science curriculum that really did save my sanity when my second child was entering middle school. I won’t spoil the surprise by revealing the curriculum, but you can read all about it here.
Kenya unit study
I love it when I make resources that ya’ll can actually use. And I really, really like to come up with unit study ideas. This Kenya unit study post has books and links you can use to study Kenya as well as a link to a free printable country study pack.
Picture books for older kids
Your kids are never to old to read to, ya’ll. I mean NEVER. And you’d be surprised at how many great picture books there are that are written to appeal to older kids. I’m glad this post was popular because I hope it will encourage you to read, read, read aloud to your kids- no matter how old.
England unit study

Like the Kenya unit study, this post includes books and links that you can use to create an England unit study. You can also download the free My Country Pack in this post.

Why homeschool

Should I be a wee bit concerned that the most popular post on the blog this year was 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Homeschool? I think ya’ll are just looking for excuses. Check out the post for some reasons you shouldn’t be homeschooling.

Now it’s your turn. Which of these is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

Homeschool posts

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