Ten Last Minute Online Gifts You Don't Have to Ship

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is truly right around the corner! If you haven’t finished your shopping- like me!- you’re probably scrambling to get the last minute things on your list. And, although I love the convenience of Christmas shopping online, it’s almost too late to purchase and have anything shipped. So I’ve come up with a list on gifts you can buy conveniently online and not have to have shipped. Ready for all those last minute gifts?

Last minute gifts no shipping needed

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I know there are many times during the year that one of the kids will say “Can I just buy this $4.99 app?” Our standard answer is “No” because all of those little expenses add up. If you need last minute stocking stuffer type gifts, give a coupon voucher that allows the user to purchase up to a certain number- or price amount- of apps. You can check out the Apple app store here, the Amazon app store (for Kindle) here, and Google play for android apps here.

Apps as a last minute gift

Magazine Subscriptions

It’s easy to sign up for a magazine online. If you know of an interest that the gift receiver has, choose a magazine that they can enjoy during the year. Some magazines offer a printable gift card you can give to tell about the magazine subscription or you can print your own to let the receiver know the magazine is coming. Amazon has a great section with a large variety of magazine subscriptions.  One unique magazine we’ve particularly enjoyed is Answers Magazine from Answers in Genesis. It’s a creation-based, science magazine that comes out bimonthly. Every issue has a kids’ edition as well.

Museum Memberships

If you’re looking for a good gift for a family, consider a museum membership. You can purchase the membership online with no waiting. Consider a science museum or a natural history museum that is in their local area. This is an awesome list of museums in the US by state.

Ebooks and Audible Books

Like the apps, there are Kindle books that the kids ask for throughout the year. At Christmas time, we can give them coupons to purchase some of those books they’ve been looking for. I love audible books, but they can be rather pricey when I don’t have a free code or coupon. Christmas is a great time to give and get those books as gifts. Don’t forget that you can read Kindle books without an actual Kindle using Amazon’s free Kindle apps. And a subscription to Audible means you can get free books each month.

Kindle books as a last minute gift

Service Coupons

Have a couple with young children on your list? Give a coupon for free babysitting. Someone who hates to cook? Give a coupon for a meal or meals. Printing off coupons for free services can be a quick and easy way to give a last minute gift.

Electronic Gift Cards

There are some gifts you have to go out and purchase, and these can be a quick and easy gift. But you can often purchase gift cards that can be printed at home or that are delivered by email to the recipient. So you can shop for gift cards without ever leaving the house. Amazon has a variety of gift cards. Some of them come in the mail, but many have instant codes or email delivery. Gift Cards.com has a large variety of egift cards.

Computer Games From Steam

I’m not a Steam user, but I do have a video game aficionado in my house. Steam is a computer gaming platform. You can download the platform for free and then purchase games to play on it. If you have a video game fan who uses Steam, you can purchase games to gift to them. This would make a great last minute gift for any gaming fan.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are a subscription that brings a box full of specialty items to the receiver’s door each month. There are food boxes, game boxes, crafting boxes, pet related boxes. There are boxes tailored toward almost any interest you can think of. You can purchase a subscription for a certain length of time, and you can do it all from home with no waiting. If you’re not sure what subscription box to send, I found a great site that’s all about finding the right box for anyone on your gift list.

One cool box that I’d love to get as a gift is NatureBox. It’s full of healthy snacks, including gluten free goodies for me!

Subscription boxes as last minute gifts


If you have a movie buff on your list, there are various ways that you can give the gift of movies without leaving home and with no shipping involved. Fandango offers gift cards, so the recipient can purchase tickets for a movie at a local theater. Netflix also offers gift subscriptions to its streaming site.

Charitable Donation

The fact is that most of us live in a very privileged way compared to the rest of the world. And most of us don’t needs tons more gifts that we have to store in our already crowded homes. Often it’s a nice idea to make a charitable donation in honor of a friend or family member as a Christmas gift. Compassion is a ministry we support, and they have a great gift catalog. They let you know exactly what you’re money will buy, and then you can give it in honor of your gift recipient and give a nice certificate letting them know. I know there are other ministries that do this same thing, so if you already have a ministry you support, find out if they have a gifting program.

Last minute Christmas gifts that don't have to be shipped

Don’t stress. It’s not too late to give the perfect gift. And you can even do it from the comfort of home! Do you have any favorite online gifts to give or get?

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