Do You Want to Build a Snowman? A Snow-Themed Picture Book List

I live in the South. We don’t often get snow, so when it’s called for, people get pretty excited. The weather forecasters predicted snow this weekend. Six to eight inches some estimates said. Friday night we headed to bed sure that we’d wake up to a winter storm on Saturday morning. Trucks were out salting the road. Events planned for Saturday had already been canceled. The grocery stores were raided as we all stocked up on bread and milk. And Saturday morning?

We had a little bitty dusting of snow, along with some really cold temperatures and ice. So much for our snow. Instead the kids went to a local site known for its big hills and sledded on the ice…until it began to melt.

Snow picture books

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If we can’t enjoy the snow, we might as well read about it. And so, in honor of our “six to eight inches of snow” this weekend, here’s a list of snow-themed books you can read with the kids.
Snow by Uri Shulevitz (PreK-2nd grade)
Snow books for kids
The Snowy Day

The Mitten by Jan Brett (PreK-2nd)

Jan Brett The Mitten
Kids books about snow
Snowman kids book
Kids books snow

Picture books about snow
Snow by Cynthia Rylant
Kids books about snowflakes

Snow by P.D. Eastman
Snow picture books

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